Low bid for gym at Lamar Dixon comes in $840,000 over the budget

Bids to construct a new gym a Lamar Dixon Expo Center (LDEC) are in, but none comes close to the $2.5 million construction budget set in 2019.  Ascension’s Director of Planning and Facility Maintenance, Ricky Compton delivered the bad news to the Parish Council’s Recreation Committee on Tuesday.  The low bid is $840,000 over the project budget. […]

Council abolishes east bank Utilities District; notices election to sell off sewer treatment assets

On Thursday Ascension’s Parish Council adopted an ordinance abolishing Ascension Consolidated Utilities District (ACUD) #2 moments after noticing its intent to place the sale of its wastewater treatment assets on the ballot for April 24, 2021.  ACUD #2 was created in 2010 to provide “economy and efficiency in the furnishing of utilities (defined as sewer […]

A Brief History of Ascension’s (f)utility: Eight councils have attempted parish-wide sewer

On February 17, 1994 the inaugural Ascension Parish Council, its membership converted Police Jurymen, held the fourth meeting in its six week history.  Councilman Joseph Pierre initiated a discussion about “very much needed parish-wide sewerage and water.”  Fast forward nearly 27 years and the council is still having that discussion; though Ascension has never been […]

Boyle Bayou project being pushed by PLD

Boyle Bayou is not a waterway/drainage artery discussed very often by parish officials, though residents familiar with its course are well aware of its deficiencies. The bayou’s westernmost point is south of Cabela’s Parkway in Gonzales from whence it flows east, under I-10 then Hwy 44/Burnside before linking with Bayou Conway to the south.  Fully […]

Sorrento Councilman Chris Guidry: Huge shout out to Ascension Drainage Department

Chris Guidry was elected to Sorrento’s Town Council in a Special Election held on October 12, 2019.  Like others before him, Guidry was motivated to serve because of persistent, frustrating drainage issues long bedeviling the town with no relief in sight.  He is determined to find solutions, committed to a cooperative relationship with Ascension Parish […]

Ascension getting into Traffic Signal business so developer can sell residential lots

Ascension Parish, apparently, is getting into the traffic signal business.  It is, not surprisingly, to accommodate two new subdivisions near the Germany/Braud road intersection where the signal will be installed.  Since the parish lacks the expertise to operate traffic signals an outside traffic engineer has to be hired so that Highland Trace and Lake at West Creek (subsequently […]

Orgeron: “I am not in the bag with anyone!” Just incompetent?

Below is Councilman Corey Orgeron’s response to our inquiry; is he “in the bag for Bernhard Capital Partners/Ascension Sewer?” Corey Orgeron Despite your ingenious attempts to attack and ridicule I will offer answers to your childish inuendo. NO, I am not in the bag with anyone! I am not “lobbying” for any one proposal; however, […]

Cointment working group proposes contractual revisions to Ascension Sewer

Four weeks until Inauguration Day, Parish President-Elect Clint Cointment spent the past five days digging into the Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement proposed by Ascension Sewer, LLC five months ago.  The document was amended by Ascension Sewer on multiple occasions pursuant to discussions at multiple Parish Council and Utilities Committee meetings, what passed for negotiation by […]

Arcane medical marijuana laws and remarkable story of local man who resists

July 16, 2006 was the last day I got to see my step dad alive.  He was so sick from chemo but he told my mom that he was going to boil crabs for me before I went back to Wyoming.  We boiled crabs and it was one of the best days of my life.  […]

Matassa still adding payroll, Lawler “in shock and disbelief”

It was revealed at the most recent Recreation Committee meeting (August 8) that two administration types were added to the department in recent weeks.  During Director BJ Romano’s report he presented the information captured above: The Recreation Department would like to welcome and introduce two new members of our staff in Delacey Joseph, our new […]