Casso’s last minute changes water down TIA ordinance, subdivision moratorium coming to end

On Thursday Ascension’s Parish Council adopted the last piece of legislation among two “batches” worth of proposed ordinances justifying the moratorium on subdivisions.  Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) required of every major/minor subdivision was codified, heightening certain requirements in what has long been mere policy, but only after last minute negotiations between two members.  St. Amant’s […]

Orgeron found GUILTY of Simple Battery

Corey Orgeron was found GUILTY of Simple Battery committed against his former client, Roydall Lumar, on October 15 at his Prairieville law office.  Lumar was also found guilty of Simple Battery against Orgeron after a trial in Ascension Parish Court earlier today.  Judge Erin Lanoux found neither particularly credible in what amounted to a finger pointing contest […]

Kendig Keast summarizes development code revisions, and proposed changes

Kendig Keast Collaborative recapped two sets of codified subdivision regulation revisions for the Planning Commission last week, previewing more changes to Ascension’s Unified Land Development Code as the nine-month (plus) subdivision moratorium is set to expire at the end of May.  20 separate ordinances related to traffic and drainage requirements imposed upon developers were adopted […]

GBR State Fair announces move to Lamar Dixon (permanently?)

Scheduled for October 27-November 6, the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair will be held at Lamar Dixon Expo Center (LDEC) in 2022…and beyond.  That is according to Cliff Barton, president of the GBRSF Corporation who was joined by Ascension President Clint Cointment and Mayor Barney Arceneaux at a Monday press conference to announce the “temporary” […]

Joel Robert gets Term Limits out of committee and onto full council’s plate

Half the battle is just showing up…variously attributed to theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and oddball filmmaker Woody Allen, a strange coupling if ever there was.  Another curious cast of characters, three in number, finally showed up to consider Councilman Joel Robert’s Strategic Planning agenda on Tuesday.  Thrice unable to achieve a quorum, Michael Mason and […]

Sorrento Council approves 225-lot Orange Grove Subdivision

Sorrento’s Town Council unanimously approved Orange Grove Subdivision’s preliminary plat and construction plans Tuesday, more than a decade after the development’s initial proposal.  275 residential lots envisioned over several filings, full buildout of the long-anticipated subdivision could increase the town’s population by a third or more.  Located on Hwy 22 near Sorrento Primary School, last […]

Sorrento mayor exposes Lawler, Casso, Orgeron and Cagnolatti petulance

Flooding concerns having long plagued the Town of Sorrento, threats to withhold important drainage improvement projects by four petulant Ascension Parish Council members are no laughing matter…not to the citizens of Sorrento (nor their neighbors to the west in the City of Gonzales).  Aaron Lawler, Teri Casso, Corey Orgeron and John Cagnolatti (sitting as East […]

Cagnolatti (with Lawler/Orgeron/Casso) threatens to halt drainage inside Gonzales/Sorrento

Tonight’s agenda of East Ascension Drainage District includes two items that amount to a declaration of war on the City of Gonzales and Town of Sorrento, their citizens and every resident of Ascension Parish whose property drains through either municipality.  The fact that one of Gonzales’ two EA Drainage representatives sponsored items (f) and (g) […]

Gonzales Capital Outlay Budget highlighted by $7.8 million PACE Center

The City of Gonzales’ proposed budget for the coming fiscal year includes an aggressive Capital Outlay, $23.7 million, a $6 million increase from last year and.  The 2022-23 Capital Outlay Budget is “highlighted by $7.8 million…in proposed construction of a new performing arts, conference and events (PACE) center.”  The second largest budget allocation is also […]

Council adopts all development revisions except Traffic Impact Analysis

A unanimous Parish Council, sans Councilman Corey Orgeron who exited Wednesday’s Special Meeting due purported health issues, adopted 20 of 21 proposed revisions to Ascension’s land development code.  Intended to prevent adverse drainage/traffic impact by new subdivision development, a moratorium was enacted on June 17 (effective July 15) in order to prevent any new development while the […]