Gonzales Planning to consider 198 lots in Conway subdivision (Monday)

GONZALES PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 2021 @ 6:00 P.M. PUBLIC HEARING OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION 1. Invocation. 2. Pledge of Allegiance. 3. Roll call. 4. Public Hearing to approve the subdivision of the Village at Conway Phase 2, being approximately 38.4 acres into 90 Lots, located approximately at the intersection of Highway 44 […]

Ascension Fire Departments receive insurance rebate checks

Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment spent the morning visiting all of the fire departments in the Parish to distribute portions of a fire insurance premium rebate totaling $504,183.91 from the state’s Two Percent Fire Insurance Fund. The two percent rebate amounts are based on a formula that was set by the state legislature.  The annual […]

Development moratorium is only delay, real change requires new council members

Ascension Parish’s Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Subdivision Regulation and corresponding ordinances could do with updating as a nine-month moratorium on subdivision of property is in place.  The moratorium is premised upon the need to address drainage issues, but there is nothing to prevent an examination of other regulatory areas during the hiatus, most particularly […]

City Council rezones 119 acres of Edenborne to Industrial

On Monday Gonzales’ City Council voted to rezone two parcels of property along Edenborne Parkway, at long last realizing some of the promise going back a decade-and-a-half when the area was anticipated to be the next economic engine for the city.  The financial crisis of 2008, dubious actions by a certain New Orleans bank, any […]

Four Planning Commission appointments due before moratorium expires

As a nine-month moratorium on subdivision of property went into effect on July 15, Ascension’s 7-member Planning Commission is reduced by the resignation of Robert Hodgson.  By the moratorium’s expiration (April 15), three more members’ terms will have expired.  If the Parish Council (the real culprit for rampant residential subdivision development while public perception views […]

Moratorium enacted to address drainage issues, what about traffic problems?

Ascension’s nine-month moratorium on the subdivision of property went into effect on July 15 (imposed against Major and Minor Subdivisions, Simple Subdivisions and Family Partitions).  A brief respite as Parish Government grapples with ineffectual, often contradictory provisions found in the Drainage Ordinance, Unified Land Development Code, Subdivision Regulations, Master Plans, Drainage/Traffic Impact policies…The Parish Council […]

Orgeron is second council member officially targeted for recall

The second Recall Petition against an Ascension Parish Council member on Wednesday, this one targeting first-termer Corey Orgeron of Prairieville’s District 4.  Citing Orgeron’s “Blatant disregard of the will of his constituents” as the Reason for Recall, the group could have filled up a separate page with other reasons.  Chaired by Donna Jones with longtime critic […]

$26 Billion Agreement with Opioid Distributors/Manufacturer announced

Attorney General Jeff Landry today announced an historic $26 billion agreement with the nation’s three major pharmaceutical distributors and another company which manufactured and marketed opioids. It is expected to help bring much-needed relief to families throughout Louisiana struggling with opioid addiction. “Today is a great day in our fight to hold accountable those who […]

Buzzard Roost preliminary plat approval rescinded

It is not very often that a preliminary plat, already approved, is rescinded but that is just what happened on Wednesday to Buzzard Roost (Industrial Park)’s 1st Filing.  Six months having elapsed since the January 13 videoconference approval without construction drawings having been submitted, the plat is automatically rescinded unless the Planning Commission decides to extend.  […]

Recall petitions against Orgeron and Casso to be filed this week

Among the Ascension Parish Council recall targets is third-term District 8 representative, Chairwoman Teri Casso; and first-term District 4 councilman, Corey Orgeron.  It appears the requisite petitions to launch the effort will be filed against them this week.  Orgeron, paradoxically the most ignorant but loudest yammerer on the body, is perceived to be the lowest […]