Casso and Lawler emails evince little support for Cointment moratorium

On May 20 President Clint Cointment introduced an ordinance including “a twelve month moratorium on any future subdivision of property” to Ascension’s Parish Council.  That 11-member panel will, we’ve been alerted, discuss/amend/shorten/water down and otherwise consider Cointment’s proposed legislation at the Council’s June 3 Regular Meeting, with a vote on the ultimate ordinance on June […]

Melancon introduces Mega-Infrastructure Fund to administer sewer millions

With voter approval of Ascension’s $9.26 million sale of sewer infrastructure assets to National Water Infrastructure (NWI) on April 24, the deal is almost consummated.  Louisiana’s Public Service Commission must sign off on the deal; a mere formality (one would hope).  Council sights have already shifted to consider how to spend the funds: Annual franchise fee […]

Will the council support Cointment’s 12-month moratorium

One week ago President Clint Cointment introduced an ordinance envisioning “a twelve month moratorium on any future subdivision of property” to Ascension’s Parish Council.  To enact the requisite ordinance requires an eight-vote (out of 11 members) supermajority.  As with any idea of Cointment’s, an obstructionist contingent on the council will resist due to the source, […]

Ascension Parish has dabbled with moratoriums before (a brief history)

On Thursday President Clint Cointment introduced an ordinance that would impose a moratorium on development, if adopted by a two-thirds supermajority of the Council.  The ordinance would disallow future subdivision of property, both residential and commercial development, for twelve months to allow consideration of five issues: Assessment of a potential Drainage Impact Fee Density Adjustments […]

Bluff Swamp and New River drainage project bids approved by EAD

East Ascension Drainage Board approved Wharton Smith’s low bid for Bluff Swamp and Spanish Lake Flood Risk Reduction Improvements-Fish Bayou, on Thursday.  The lowest of three, Wharton Smith’s bid came in at $2,519,137 ($328,000 below the next lowest; and $1.4 million under Boone Services’ $3.9 million offer).  From the bid packet: STATEMENT OF WORK: This project will include […]

Cointment introduces Moratorium Ordinance with overwhelming public support

Befitting the momentousness of the occasion, President Clint Cointment introduced an ordinance to enact a Moratorium Regarding New Developments as Ascension’s sparkling new Council Meeting Room was christened on Monday.  Met with overwhelming public approval, Cointment’s proposal cited five rationale for “a twelve month moratorium on any future subdivision of property.”  Boxing even the most […]

President Clint Cointment proposes 12-month moratorium on all new development

In response to the increase in severe weather events that are producing dangerous conditions because of stormwater run-off, Parish President Clint Cointment is adding to this Thursday’s agenda an ordinance for a 12-month moratorium on all new residential and commercial construction. The moratorium is necessary to give parish government time to consider all the aspects […]

Sewer franchise fee to be dedicated for Ascension Parish recreation

Contemplating issuance of an RFQ for a Parish Wide Recreation Master Plan, two Parish Council committees explored the means to fund recreation in the wake approval to sell Ascension’s sewer treatment assets on April 24.  Back-to-back committee meetings on Recreation and Utilities on Thursday, and the council is preparing to spend the monies saved and/or generated by […]

Committee recommends increasing Transportation Impact Fee levy

Since being codified in April of 2016 the Transportation Impact Fee imposed on every new construction has generated $10,651,899 according to Planning Director Jerome Fournier.  Fournier presented the facts and figures during Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council Transportation Committee, recommending that the fee imposition be levied at 80% of the corresponding schedule (since 2017 […]

$64 million worth of drainage projects include $44 million in federal funding

On Monday East Ascension Drainage Board resolved to commit nearly $20 million toward two flood mitigation projects; Conway Bayou Pump Station Upgrade and Marvin Braud Pump Station Levee Elevation and Upgrade.  The commitment is necessary to access $44,452,278 federal dollars toward the projects estimated at a combined cost of $64,248,449. RESOLUTION TO DEDICATE EAST ASCENSION […]