The FIX IS IN: Council District reapportionment on tonight’s agenda

I have computed the new 2020 Census population into the Parish Council’s current election districts. The average population is calculated by dividing the 2020 Ascension Parish count of 126,500 by the eleven election districts. The results are depicted above. If any district is outside a +/-5% deviation from the ideal population of 11,500 persons then […]

EA Drainage’s 2021 coup attempt is over (Cointment wins big)

The only noteworthy item on Monday’s East Ascension Drainage Board agenda was the one omitted.  Nearly 13 months ago it appeared that President Clint Cointment had been forced into a power-sharing agreement whereby an, as yet unidentified, Drainage Director would be hired to usurp certain of the parish chief executive’s authority over drainage.  The usurpation […]

Change Order for New River Dredging project would add 153 days

Boone Services, LLC has entered the City of Gonzales as its dredging of New River proceeds apace.  Progress has been hampered by “supply chain issues” and the necessity of avoiding “existing utilities” that resulted in a request for a Change Order from East Ascension Drainage Board.  Boone is seeking an increase to the original contract amount […]

JFA and City of Gonzales sued for Wrongful Death at 2021 Christmas Parade

Quincy Davis (a/k/a DJ Thriller) succumbed to injuries sustained after falling from a float in the 2021 Christmas Parade sponsored by Jambalaya Festival Association (JFA). On December 12 Davis was contracted (by JFA) to “provide professional music…and assigned to the top tier of a two-tier parade float” when struck from behind by a low-hanging tree […]

New River dredging project enters Gonzales city limits

The long-awaited dredging of New River, held up for several months by the petulance of School Board candidate James Moore whose rank incompetence cost his company the bid it had initially been awarded, picked up the pace.  Boone Services, LLC’s heavy equipment is positioned well into Gonzales’ city limits, progressing from west to east toward […]

Relief from Pelican Crossing’s “red dust” dilemma could be on the way

With Chairman John Cagnolatti participating to attain a three-member quorum, the Council Strategic Planning Committee took up a persistent problem bedeviling the residents of Pelican Crossing and other nearby subdivisions on Monday.  “Red dust from the mud lake,” one resident painted the picture, “it gets pretty bad during wind storms.”  The dust covers roadways, vehicles […]

Commission approves Heritage Crossing Phases 4/5

On Monday the City of Gonzales’ Planning Commission signed off on two separate preliminary plats for Heritage Crossing.  Abuzz with activity, the acreage in the southeast corner of the Hwy 30/Hwy 44 intersection is being prepared for construction of the city’s Performing Arts, Conference & Events (PACE) Center.  Residential construction is underway, 300 apartment units […]

Orgeron/Lawler urge hiring Parish Council’s own $60,000 attorney

Ascension’s Home Rule Charter designates the District Attorney as “the parish attorney to the governing authority, parish president and all parish departments, offices and agencies.  However, if the governing authority (i.e. the Parish Council) determines that the parish would be better served by a separate full time parish attorney, it may create such a position […]

Animal Services Board considering fourth (confidential) site for shelter

Searching for the optimal site where Ascension’s new shelter will be located, the Animal Services Board has an awful lot to consider.  Responsible for oversight of approximately $1.5 million in annual tax revenue generated from a 1-mill parish-wide property tax approved in December of 2018, the budget is going to be tight.  A fourth, undisclosed, […]

Lawler seeks to eliminate Willow Lake Subdivision constituency

A fifth alternative for Ascension’s Parish Council new district lines was added to the mix during Monday’s workshop, the third conducted by Geographic Planning & Demographic Services‘ Mike Hefner.  This latest option was the product of one current member’s attempt to enhance his bid for reelection, District 7’s Aaron Lawler apparently having figured out that […]