Relief from Pelican Crossing’s “red dust” dilemma could be on the way

With Chairman John Cagnolatti participating to attain a three-member quorum, the Council Strategic Planning Committee took up a persistent problem bedeviling the residents of Pelican Crossing and other nearby subdivisions on Monday.  “Red dust from the mud lake,” one resident painted the picture, “it gets pretty bad during wind storms.”  The dust covers roadways, vehicles […]

Animal Services Board considering fourth (confidential) site for shelter

Searching for the optimal site where Ascension’s new shelter will be located, the Animal Services Board has an awful lot to consider.  Responsible for oversight of approximately $1.5 million in annual tax revenue generated from a 1-mill parish-wide property tax approved in December of 2018, the budget is going to be tight.  A fourth, undisclosed, […]

Lawler seeks to eliminate Willow Lake Subdivision constituency

A fifth alternative for Ascension’s Parish Council new district lines was added to the mix during Monday’s workshop, the third conducted by Geographic Planning & Demographic Services‘ Mike Hefner.  This latest option was the product of one current member’s attempt to enhance his bid for reelection, District 7’s Aaron Lawler apparently having figured out that […]

Orgeron, convicted batterer still owing $9,896 in attorney fees, announces retirement

The chances that Ascension taxpayers will recoup $9,896 owed by Councilman Corey Orgeron diminish with every passing day.  He was ordered to pay that amount, attorney’s fees incurred by Parish President Clint Cointment to defend Orgeron’s frivolous lawsuit that was dismissed on August 20, 2021.  With no apparent intention to pay up, Orgeron announced his […]

$6.6 million Traffic Impact fee dollars allocated for improvements

As of March 1 Ascension Parish had $11,965,547 available in the Transportation Impact Fee Program fund.  Earlier this month the Parish Council approved transference of $6.6 million of those dollars in support of seven road improvement projects through the Move Ascension Initiative.  Recently completed, the C Braud Road safety widening project is largely funded by […]

Electronic Traffic Enforcement ordinance introduced by Gonzales council

Gonzales’ Council introduced ten ordinances purportedly intended to prevent speeding in School Zones on Monday.  Electronic Traffic Enforcement is being proposed (Section 19-75 through Section 19-84) to set up cameras and radar, along with hyper-technical procedures to enforce collection of fines issued via mail by an out-of-state contractor, envisioning the creation of a “City Court […]

After chaotic meeting, is EA Drainage doing away with Drainage Director position?

In eight months we’ve gotten nowhere!-EA Drainage Chairman Chase Melancon On October 18, 2021 East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District approved a Management Agreement whereby President Clint Cointment would retain some, at the time ill-defined, authority over the District’s yet to be hired Drainage Director.  It was the culmination of a failed power grab by six Parish […]

Council adopts increased Transportation Impact Fee on new construction

Ascension’s Parish Council, seven of 11 members in attendance on Thursday, voted to increase the Base Fee assessed for Transportation Impact of new construction.  The yearly adjustment, tied to New Construction Cost Index, is a 9.96% increase as a moratorium on subdivision of property expired on Tuesday. The Fee Schedule delineates separate and distinct land usage, […]

Juvenile Detention Tax funds to Remodel/Construct Tutoring Center

On October 17, 2013, by a 8-1 vote, Ascension’s Parish Council adopted an ordinance creating a one-mill property tax that did not require public approval at the ballot box.  Former District 10 Councilman Bryan Melancon was the lone dissenting vote for the ordinance: “To authorize a one (1) mill property tax to fund Participation Agreement(s) […]

Animal Services Board considering third site for shelter

Ascension’s Council recently approved an amendment (No. 3 if you’re counting) to the 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets adopted on the 18th day of November, 2021.  The changes included: OPERATING BUDGET: Animal Services Fund – (Increase appropriation to CARA’s house for additional payroll cost incurred while the animals were housed at Lamar Dixon) Expenditures & Other […]