Another year passes without Major Drainage improvements

East Ascension Drainage Commission met on seven occasions in 2020, which means five regularly scheduled meetings were canceled.  Excusable given the Year of Coronavirus disrupted most aspects of ordinary life to one degree or another, but cold comfort to parish residents frustrated by worsening drainage issues, perceived or real.  Having dodged several bullets in the form of […]

A Brief History of Ascension’s (f)utility: Eight councils have attempted parish-wide sewer

On February 17, 1994 the inaugural Ascension Parish Council, its membership converted Police Jurymen, held the fourth meeting in its six week history.  Councilman Joseph Pierre initiated a discussion about “very much needed parish-wide sewerage and water.”  Fast forward nearly 27 years and the council is still having that discussion; though Ascension has never been […]

Developers find loophole in Traffic Impact Study policy, up to Council to close it

On June 21, 2018 Ascension’s Parish Council enacted stricter requirements of subdivision developers, codifying Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) POLICY.  What passed for policy theretofore had been a running joke among the development community and the parish’s Planning Department for years.  As with any governmental regulation, affected business interests find their way around the roadblock (pun intended) […]

Efficiency Plan for parish government in the works (will newly elected officials support it?)

SSA Consultants was back before Ascension’s Parish Council on Thursday to update its efforts toward establishing an Efficiency Plan for parish government.  For the past three years+ Dr. Christel Slaughter and her SSA team have intermittently worked towards this lofty goal, past efforts hamstrung by an administration and the majority of a council happy to maintain the status […]

Another James Moore company submits curiously low bid for New River drainage project

The bids are in, three of them, and East Ascension Drainage Commission is scheduled to consider Bridging the Gap Solutions’ offer to construct “New River Channel Improvements” in return for $3,944,300 on Monday.  The bid is significantly lower than the $5,000,000 budget to dredge New River while Ascension Parish is set to replace the channel’s weir in-house.  […]

Orgeron cannot get a quorum for his Emergency Meeting

Reminiscent of his District 4 predecessor, Councilman Corey Orgeron called an Emergency Meeting of the Utilities Committee he chairs for Wednesday and failed to garner a quorum.  What was so urgent?  The proposed agenda included: a. Discuss status of the recent boil advisory (Councilman Thomas) b. Review proposed Utilities budget (Director Dawson) c. Propose election to […]

Cointment and Parish Council face difficult fiscal decisions in 2021

Introducing the proposed 2021 Budget Ordinance on Thursday, President Clint Cointment’s administration is forced to cope with a stark reality inherited from his predecessor’s four-year tenure.  While Ascension Parish continues to enjoy healthy revenue generation ($46.5 million from three Sales Tax districts and $30.3 million in property tax assessments, along with many more millions in […]

Parenton/Orgeron acting against parish interests in sewer negotiation

Fueling speculation that Ascension’s Parish Council was pulling a fast one, Tuesday’s Utilities Committee agenda included Item H: Approval of proposed CEA dated September 3, 2020.   In fact, the parish is still waiting on Ascension Sewer/National Water Infrastructure’s (NWI) response to the parish’s counterproposal with no date set for consideration.  Promised public participation in the […]

Orgeron: We’re going to be entering an agreement with NWI/Ascension Sewer

Where does the proposed Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) between Ascension Sewer/National Water Infrastructure (NWI) and Ascension Parish Government stand? As the three-sided (NWI, President Clint Cointment’s administration and four members of the Parish Council) negotiation over east bank sewer treatment progresses, no details have issued since August 21.  That’s when NWI forwarded its latest proposal, […]

23,000 residential lots approved since Ascension adopted Home Rule, more on the way

In 1994 Ascension Parish’s population was 63,925 and advocates of “maintaining rural character” could still be taken seriously.  Hamstrung by the pettiness that comes with parochial police jury politics, 64% (4166 voters out of 6523 votes cast) of the electorate opted for Home Rule as Ascension scrapped the (some said) outmoded form of governance.  1994 […]