Ascension’s first Stormwater Manager out in less than six months. How’d he last that long?

Malcolm Sayes being introduced at the April 8 Utilities Committee meeting

Oh, Malcolm, we hardly knew ye!

Introduced by Infrastructure Director William Daniel in April, Ascension’s first ever Stormwater Program Manager Malcolm Sayes almost made it six months.  In a recent group email sent from Parish Government, the alert was included almost matter-of-factly.  Dated September 30, that email closed with:

Malcom Sayes is no longer with the Parish of Ascension. For Parish of Ascension matters please contact Steven Bellello at

Well, that didn’t take long.  Is anyone surprised by this?

In Sayes introductory remarks to Utilies he said:

My general assessment of the state of the union in terms of waterways in the parish is, we have a lot of work to do.  I really need to talk to these contractors.  The main source of problems for the stormwater program is the construction and the destabilization of earth in the construction process.  That’s most of the problem.

So, I’ve been talking to the contractors and the developers, and indicating to them the importance of keeping our waterways free of sediment.  I talked to several of them and they’re more than happy to work with me and put out the best management practices.  So far I’ve nothing but good feelings from talking to our developers.

Malcolm Sayes was going to be the guy to convince “contractors and developers” to put “best managerial practices” into place?  He had “nothing but good feelings from talking to our developers?”

How’d he last six months in the Matassa administration?