Council authorizes $95,000 (and counting), HOPING to recover $231,829 in Matassa criminal fees

A product of video conference Parish Council meetings, Christina Heck was forced to update the status of Ascension’s litigation against Berkley Insurance to recoup the $231,829 paid to former president Kenny Matassa’s criminal defense attorney.  Cross-Summary Judgment Motions having been decided in July by an Ad Hoc District Court Judge (filling the Division D seat […]

Corey Orgeron’s social media meltdown aims accusations at Cointment, denigrates Compton

At least Orgeron concedes that 20′ roads are safer for school buses to travel than 18′ roads. Future one-term council member, the now un-electable Corey Orgeron is not a fan of Pelican Post or our editor (yours truly). Neither is he fond of President Clint Cointment and newly-appointed Director of Planning and Facility Maintenance Ricky […]

Orgeron/Cagnolatti (Lambert a no show) reject school bus safety measure AGAIN

The photos above probably seem self-explanatory to you, and a pretty compelling argument that Ascension’s 18′ roadways pose a dangerous condition for busloads of kids competing for space.  But you are not a member of the Ascension Parish Council’s Strategic Planning Committee where a second attempt to require 20′ roadways for any proposed residential subdivision […]

Remembering the man who made Antebellum Pointe’s denial possible

Four members of Ascension’s Council are being praised for their votes to uphold Antebellum Pointe subdivision’s denial on Monday, six are being excoriated.  Lost in the maelstrom is the recognition due the individual whose efforts made it possible… Former District 4 Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee Among the most outspoken members ever to serve, Satterlee single-handedly […]

What is Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron going to do now?

The depth of Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron’s hypocrisy will be plumbed tonight.  On Monday, from his Utilities Committee chair, Orgeron explained why he would not vote to appropriate $200,000 for President Clint Cointment’s administration to explore inspection/monitoring of Individual Treatment Units (separate and apart from those subdivision systems served by private wastewater […]

Orgeron leaves Casso holding the bag as Sewer Committee disbanding after one (official) meeting

Mercifully, the six-member committee created to negotiate with Ascension Sewer, LLC is on its way to oblivion, said committee having unanimously voted to disband at its first and only meeting on Tuesday.  It was an awful idea from inception, made worse when half of the six -member team conducted an April 30 Zoom conference with […]

Taxpayers were not supposed pay for new courthouse (the $3 Million council resolution)

Below you will find the resolution, unadulterated and in its entirety, whereby Ascension’s Parish Council seeks to offer up $3,000,000 for, in part, “Audio Visual Equipment for the Courtrooms at the New Courthouse.”  This project was pitched from its inception under former President Kenny Matassa (recall Judge Jason Verdigets’ recusal in the criminal case because […]

Bernhard’s Baudier just muddied up Ascension’s wastewater, time to scrap the agreement

Ascension Sewer/Bernhard Capital Partners’ (BCP) Jeff Baudier, with Tom Pertuit of Ascension Wastewater Treatment (AWT) in tow, reappeared before the Ascension Parish Council Utilities Committee on Tuesday.  Chairman Corey Orgeron’s agenda included three items related to companies’ attempt to undertake regional sewer treatment on Ascension’s east bank (with smatterings of East Baton Rouge, Livingston and […]

Orgeron skips out on Employee Appeals (not before another spectacular display of ignorance)

Councilman Corey Orgeron has his priorities in order, and performance of his duties as the representative of District 4 does not top the list.  Much has been made about Orgeron’s skipping out on three Employee Appeals (and the final 1:20:00 of Thursday’s meeting of Ascension’s council), none of it a credit to Orgeron.  According to […]

Parish payroll reduced over $1 Million since Cointment took office

Clint Cointment was sworn into Ascension’s parish presidency on January 6, inheriting a bloated annual payroll created by his predecessor with 542 employees listed on the master roster (provided in response to a mid-December 2019 records request).  Kenny Matassa (2016-19) added approximately 150 names to that roster he inherited from Tommy Martinez, actually reducing the workforce […]