EA Drainage Vice Chair kept in dark about ouster of Parish President

District 6 Councilman Chase Melancon

I cannot individually reply to everyone who is reaching out to me about this.  Would take me too long while trying to enjoy some time with the family.  So I’ll tell you what I know.

I received a call around 1:00 p.m. today to notify me, the Vice-Chair of the Drainage Commission, that a special Drainage Meeting was being held Monday night with the intent to remove the Parish President as Drainage Director of Ascension Parish.  This call happened about four hours before (WBRZ’s) article was published (on Thursday).  It was the first time I have ever been made aware that ANY such actions were taking place by anyone involved.  I can only assume I was intentionally left out of any conversations being had about the idea.

So that’s what I know, and not a thing more.


Chase Melancon

Ascension Parish Council-District 6