Lawler explains proposed EA Drainage “compromise” with the Parish President

Councilman Aaron Lawler, the architect of a vote to remove President Clint Cointment from East Ascension Drainage District operations, took to social media recently to explain his motives.  Included with the explanation was the following: What do I see for the future? I am personally working on a compromise with the PP, along with others […]

$100 MILLION in project starts in 18 months, Cointment makes case for EA Drainage job

Over 100 million dollars’ worth of projects started in only 18 months! The Administration and the East Ascension Drainage Commission (EADC) have been getting a lot of drainage work done for Ascension Parish! I want to showcase some of the major items this Administration and EADC have accomplished in the past 18 months. After years […]

Lawler’s version of events means someone is NOT telling the truth

NOTE:  EA Drainage’s Vice Chairman, Chase Melancon claims to have known nothing about the effort to oust President Clint Cointment as de facto Drainage Director while Councilman Aaron Lawler claims to have been working on it for 3.5 years.  Someone is not telling the truth.  Lawler’s social media post from yesterday: Professionals, not Politicians. Drainage […]

EA Drainage Vice Chair kept in dark about ouster of Parish President

I cannot individually reply to everyone who is reaching out to me about this.  Would take me too long while trying to enjoy some time with the family.  So I’ll tell you what I know. I received a call around 1:00 p.m. today to notify me, the Vice-Chair of the Drainage Commission, that a special […]

Smith Bayou gate valve installed in anticipation of weekend weather event

By end of business on Thursday Ascension’s Department of Public Works had installed a gate valve to replace the rock weir in Smith Bayou.  That weir blocked water from draining southward for as long as anyone can recall.  “We moved water upstream of those weirs for the first time in Ascension Parish history,” offered Drainage/DPW […]

Over $4 million of Transportation Impact Fee funds have been allocated

Every new construction in the parish is subject to Ascension’s Transportation Impact Fee, collected at 70% of the statutory maximum after the last parish council faced some blowback from the development community in 2016-17.  Since its enactment on April 7, 2016 the fee has generated $10,651,899 according to Planning Director Jerome Fournier last month.  The […]

Cointment responds to “personal attacks” by Lawler/Orgeron

As your parish president it is not my custom to address politically-motivated public attacks by other elected officials since I believe the practice to be a disservice to the people who elected us all.  But these are not normal times as certain members of the Council have demonstrated beyond any doubt that damaging my administration […]

Orgeron wants 11 homebuilders involved in subdivision moratorium process

Councilman Corey Orgeron, in a seven minute screed directed at…well, himself and nine colleagues comprising East Ascension Drainage Board, opined about the moratorium against subdivisions of residential and commercial property recently proposed by President Clint Cointment.  A nonsensical diatribe (at one point Orgeron blamed his lack of lucidity on low blood sugar induced by missing […]

Lawler switches sides for 6-5 approval of Delaune Estates (Antebellum Pointe)

Emerging from an Executive Session just under half-an-hour, Ascension’s Parish Council voted to approve the preliminary plat of Delaune Estates (formerly Antebellum Pointe) subdivision on Thursday.  The threadbare 6-5 vote is intended to settle a September 2020 lawsuit filed by the property owners of 86 acres just west of Hwy 73, the proposed site of a 237-lot subdivision denied by […]

JBE announces $42 Million for Hwy 22 drainage project

Gov. John Bel Edwards is announcing $163 million in federal funding for 15 state projects and programs designed to reduce flood risk for communities throughout the state.  Among them is: Ascension and Livingston parishes: $42 million for La. Hwy 22 bridge construction and drainage improvements Project Description: Excavation of two drainage basins through La. Hwy 22 […]