23 years later, the Vessel family remembers those cherished loved ones lost

Shon “Tudda” Miller, Jr.

23 years ago this week tragedy visited a family in the City of Gonzales, and every one of its citizens when Shon Miller, Sr. murdered four people at a local church.  As dark a day as any in local history, the victims were Miller’s wife and 2-year old son, and his mother-in-law.

Senseless horror which can never be understood, we join with the family in cherished remembrance of Shon “Tudda” Miller, Jr. who would have been 25 years old.

Carla Miller Vessel

Carla Vessel Miller was struck down at the age of 25, a young mother robbed of all the joys in watching young Shon grow up and the treasured memories not created.

Mildred Vessel

Loved by all, the Vessel family matriarch was Mildred Vessel who should be surrounded by her grandkids and loving family.  53 years old when called home, Mrs. Vessel rests in peace with Carla and Tudda.