Lawler explains proposed EA Drainage “compromise” with the Parish President

District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler

Councilman Aaron Lawler, the architect of a vote to remove President Clint Cointment from East Ascension Drainage District operations, took to social media recently to explain his motives.  Included with the explanation was the following:

What do I see for the future? I am personally working on a compromise with the PP, along with others on the council. Speaking only for myself, I have suggested that we extend the PP’s contract another 6 months. This will get us through hurricane season and will allow us an orderly transition. I propose hiring an qualified expert to lead drainage during the next 4-6 months and allowing this person to learn about the parish under Bill Roux and the PP. the person whom we hire will have the ability to retain Bill Roux longer if he or she feels Mr. Roux is an asset. I also proposed adding a seat on the EADC for the parish president, thus making him a voting member. There are other smaller details and ideas involved in this plan. My ultimate goal of for drainage to work more efficiently and to allow the PP to succeed in his true duties as PP.

Why this compromise was not presented to, and discussed with, the Parish President before…

Commission strips Cointment of drainage duties, ignoring public outcry

is pretty easy to figure.  Lawler and five colleagues seized upon an opportunity to attempt a coup to oust Cointment and seize control of the biggest pot of taxpayer dollars in Ascension Parish.

Given Lawler’s latest, offered on July 16 which is a 22 days after visiting the Baton Rouge studio of WBRZ with Chairwoman Teri Casso to reveal their plans, a few questions come to mind:

  • If a “qualified expert” has to “learn about the parish under Bill Roux and the PP,” how qualified can he/she be?
  • Who drafted the four documents voted upon at EA Drainage’s June 28 special meeting?
  • Has the “qualified expert” been identified already?
  • If not, how will this individual be selected (a national search or some other means)?
  • Does this mean that the proposed $140,000 contract approved by six members of EA Drainage District on June 28 is superfluous?
  • If the “qualified expert” opts to discontinue Bill Roux’s service after assuming the position, what will become of the perpetual $50,000 annual consulting agreement with William Roux, LLC approved by six members of EA Drainage District on June 28?
  • Is Councilman Lawler speaking only for himself or have colleagues been consulted?

There are many more questions to be answered…

Dempsey Lambert promised answers at Monday’s EA Drainage meeting…he lied

about the terms of the hastily-created Drainage CEO position and corresponding contract.  Maybe EA Drainage District will get around to it one day.