Arcane medical marijuana laws and remarkable story of local man who resists

July 16, 2006 was the last day I got to see my step dad alive.  He was so sick from chemo but he told my mom that he was going to boil crabs for me before I went back to Wyoming.  We boiled crabs and it was one of the best days of my life.  […]

Corey Orgeron has mastered the art of buffoonery

Corey Orgeron has perfected the art of buffoonery.  Dozens of fanciful, wholly unsubstantiated claims having already been made, Orgeron’s latest absurdity is his masterpiece. Corey Orgeron The stage is set for a large steering committee to research then manage $1.2 Billion in recovery money to address the watershed problems exposed in the 2016 floods. As […]

Matassa still adding payroll, Lawler “in shock and disbelief”

It was revealed at the most recent Recreation Committee meeting (August 8) that two administration types were added to the department in recent weeks.  During Director BJ Romano’s report he presented the information captured above: The Recreation Department would like to welcome and introduce two new members of our staff in Delacey Joseph, our new […]

AG opines that power to approve subdivision may be taken away from Planning Commission

O’Neil Parenton’s attempt to game the system nothwithstanding, Louisiana’s Attorney General opined that Ascension’s Planning Commission could be stripped of its power to approve subdivision preliminary plats by amendment of the Home Rule Charter. The AG opined nine months after receiving Ascension’s request that posed two questions: Can Ascension Parish Council through a Charter Amendment […]

Major/Minor Drainage myth debunked

In a June 13 letter to Sorrento’s Town Attorney, East Ascension Drainage Board’s counsel debunked the myth that only Major Drainage work can be done inside two municipalities.  EAD lawyer, Cody Martin wrote Matthew Percy, his Sorrento counterpart: The East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 (the District) is in receipt of your June […]

Ascension’s worst expenditures of 2018

Dubbed “a big stinky pile” by Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson, your $306,200 taxpayer bailout of Ascension Wastewater Treatment has to be among the worst expenditures in a year replete with waste and dispensation of political patronage on a scale heretofore unseen in the parish…and that is saying something.  Let’s begin with the few positives. […]

Parish President’s brother pockets $15,000 raise

NOTE:  Pelican Post first ran this piece, in March of 2017 but recent events make it timely to re-publish.  Last week members of the Parish Council’s Personnel Committee lambasted the hiring/firing of employees, granting hefty raises based on political support for presidential administrations.  Among the most egregious political hires/salary increases was that afforded the girlfriend […]

Tough talking Committee slams politics in parish personnel matters

SSA Consultants is about to be back on the job in Ascension after taking the better part of two years on an Efficiency/Effectiveness Study partly ignored by President Kenny Matassa and his bloated administration.  On Tuesday the Council’s Personnel Committee welcomed back Dr. Christel Slaughter and her team, recommending another $76,600 to create 200 job descriptions for […]

Rolfe McCollister should mind his own business

Rolfing has been characterized as QUACKERY.  It is not known whether Rolfing is safe or cost-effective. (Wikipedia) On August 1 Rolfe McCollister penned a venomous attack piece on seven Ascension Parish Council members who rejected A Better Ascension’s (ABA) proposal to replace the parish presidency with a manager.  His publication, Baton Rouge Business Report, was in the bag for […]

Charter Revision Committee hoax a disservice to members, council, and citizens

25 years ago Ascension voters, by a wide margin (64% to 36%), opted for Home Rule adopting the Charter which has been amended once to revise the Employee Appeals Process.  Those of us who pay attention to such trivialities concur that it could do with further tweaking, others believe drastic changes are in order.  While A […]