Lawler explains proposed EA Drainage “compromise” with the Parish President

Councilman Aaron Lawler, the architect of a vote to remove President Clint Cointment from East Ascension Drainage District operations, took to social media recently to explain his motives.  Included with the explanation was the following: What do I see for the future? I am personally working on a compromise with the PP, along with others […]

EA Drainage Vice Chair kept in dark about ouster of Parish President

I cannot individually reply to everyone who is reaching out to me about this.  Would take me too long while trying to enjoy some time with the family.  So I’ll tell you what I know. I received a call around 1:00 p.m. today to notify me, the Vice-Chair of the Drainage Commission, that a special […]

More bluster, bravado and bull….from the disgrace that is Corey Orgeron

Ascension’s Parish Council has had its fair share of colorful characters over its 27-year existence, succeeding an even more colorful police jury.  Likewise, childish animosity toward a parish president’s administration is nothing new with a chief executive ill-equipped to absorb partisan political attacks gracefully.  But Councilman Corey Orgeron’s behavior has set a new standard for […]

Cointment responds to “personal attacks” by Lawler/Orgeron

As your parish president it is not my custom to address politically-motivated public attacks by other elected officials since I believe the practice to be a disservice to the people who elected us all.  But these are not normal times as certain members of the Council have demonstrated beyond any doubt that damaging my administration […]

Orgeron wants 11 homebuilders involved in subdivision moratorium process

Councilman Corey Orgeron, in a seven minute screed directed at…well, himself and nine colleagues comprising East Ascension Drainage Board, opined about the moratorium against subdivisions of residential and commercial property recently proposed by President Clint Cointment.  A nonsensical diatribe (at one point Orgeron blamed his lack of lucidity on low blood sugar induced by missing […]

Cointment seeks to prevent Antebellum Pointe approval for a third time

NOTE:  Twice before, President Clint Cointment has written open letters recommending DENIAL of Antebellum Pointe subdivision; prior to the Planning Commission’s consideration in March 2020, again prior to the Planning Commission Appeals Board taking it up in July.  We received the following letter overnight. Dear Ascension Parish Residents, On the February 18, 2021 Ascension Parish […]

Cointment pledges revisions to Development Code after subdivision approvals

Ascension Parish residents: Having watched the January 13, 2021 meeting of the Planning Commission, I feel it is necessary to address the concerns voiced by so many of you, all of which I share as Parish President and a fellow citizen of Ascension Parish. Three subdivision plats, two residential and one commercial, were approved Wednesday […]

A Brief History of Ascension’s (f)utility: Eight councils have attempted parish-wide sewer

On February 17, 1994 the inaugural Ascension Parish Council, its membership converted Police Jurymen, held the fourth meeting in its six week history.  Councilman Joseph Pierre initiated a discussion about “very much needed parish-wide sewerage and water.”  Fast forward nearly 27 years and the council is still having that discussion; though Ascension has never been […]

Corey Orgeron’s social media meltdown aims accusations at Cointment, denigrates Compton

At least Orgeron concedes that 20′ roads are safer for school buses to travel than 18′ roads. Future one-term council member, the now un-electable Corey Orgeron is not a fan of Pelican Post or our editor (yours truly). Neither is he fond of President Clint Cointment and newly-appointed Director of Planning and Facility Maintenance Ricky […]

Orgeron skips out on Employee Appeals (not before another spectacular display of ignorance)

Councilman Corey Orgeron has his priorities in order, and performance of his duties as the representative of District 4 does not top the list.  Much has been made about Orgeron’s skipping out on three Employee Appeals (and the final 1:20:00 of Thursday’s meeting of Ascension’s council), none of it a credit to Orgeron.  According to […]