$9,896 in attorney fees unpaid, Orgeron appealing his Simple Battery conviction

On May 18 Corey Orgeron was found GUILTY of Simple Battery committed against his former client, Roydall Lumar during an October 15 at his Prairieville law office.  Lumar was also found guilty of Simple Battery against Orgeron after a trial in Ascension Parish Court earlier.  Orgeron is seeking appellate relief to undo the conviction. “I still haven’t […]

Search for Drainage Director going nowhere, Cointment administration weighs in

On October 18 an agreement was approved by EA Drainage Board which retained President Clint Cointment’s services and participation in drainage matters.  It also imposed certain obligations on President Clint Cointment. Parish President shall contract and work with a qualified subject matter consultant to create an organizational structure, delineate search criteria for a Drainage Director […]

Lawler explains EA Drainage discussion of municipal standards, and threat to cease drainage works

This morning we posed a series of questions to Councilman Aaron Lawler and three of his colleagues who sponsored a discussion during Monday’s EA Drainage meeting about: f. Discussion of requiring all municipalities on the Eastbank to have development drainage standards that are at least equal to Parish standards under possibility of cessation of drainage […]

23 years later, the Vessel family remembers those cherished loved ones lost

23 years ago this week tragedy visited a family in the City of Gonzales, and every one of its citizens when Shon Miller, Sr. murdered four people at a local church.  As dark a day as any in local history, the victims were Miller’s wife and 2-year old son, and his mother-in-law. Senseless horror which […]

Joel Robert alone in opposing resolution putting Roux to work

On November 8, 2021 a 6-2 vote of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 (EA Drainage) approved a Consulting Agreement with William Roux, the erstwhile Director of Public Works who left the parish’s employ in 2017 after a 17-year tenure.  Now, EA Drainage and President Clint Cointment’s administration have to find something for him […]

Lawler attempting ouster of Chase Melancon as council lines redrawn

Ascension Parish Council district lines must be redrawn since the latest decennial census numbers were revealed for 2020.  Slithering snake that he is, Councilman Aaron Lawler is urging colleagues to vote for a new map placing current District 6 Councilman Chase Melancon’s residence in District 2.  Joel Robert is the District 2 incumbent, and a […]

Edmonston: Covid early treatment protocol must include ivermectin

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) in conjunction with the Governor’s Office issued a memorandum stating that all pharmacy claims for Ivermectin under Medicaid cannot be filled for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. Representatives Beryl Amedee-R (Houma), Kathy Edmonston-R (Gonzales), Valerie Hodges-R (Denham Springs and Dodie Horton-R (Haughton) sent a letter to Dr. Courtney […]

Citizen’s “smoking gun” exposes Lawler’s “bum deal” with Willow Lake residents

Willow Lake Subdivision’s lakes continue to suffer intrusion of silt from Oak Grove Townhomes‘ development to the north.  A regrettable situation which should never have occurred…and would not have if Dantin Bruce Development, LLC was a better corporate neighbor and Willow Lakes’ elected representative had not engineered its plat approval.  Councilman Aaron Lawler was called […]

Commissioner Ken Firmin changes vote to approve (once denied) Delaune Estates

What has changed since Antebellum Pointe subdivision was denied by a 4-3 vote of Ascension’s Planning Commission on March 11, 2020?  Enough to garner approval of the re-branded Delaune Estates, the same 237 lots planned west of Hwy 73, south of White Road in Prairieville.  A roomful of residents went home unhappy on Wednesday when the one-vote denial […]

Bill Roux: “Drainage should be a department…under the Parish President”

Bill Roux was brought on to head up Ascension Parish’s Department of Public Works by his friend, and newly-inaugurated President Harold Marchand in 2000.  With the position came the responsibility to oversee East Ascension Drainage works pursuant to a longstanding Intergovernmental Agreement whereby the District contracted for services from the parish, paying a 4% fee for […]