Old Jefferson rezone from MU2 to Mixed Use sought (what’s the difference?)

August 12, 2020 ­ 6:00 PM


(1) Meeting Called to Order by Chairman
(2) Roll Call of Members
(3) Minutes
a. Acceptance of the Minutes of the June 10, 2020 Meeting
(4) Chairman’s Comments
(5) Public Hearing to Amend the Ascension Parish Development Code/Zoning Tables for Recommendation for the Approval or Denial to the Ascension Parish Council:

a. Review ID PZ­2371.20 – Lot A for Robert Scallon, Jr. Located on the east side of LA Hwy 73 (Old Jefferson Hwy) approximately 1000’ south of LA Hwy 42 to amend the Ascension Parish Zoning Map from Mixed Use 2 (MU2) to Mixed Use Corridor (MU)

(6) Staff Report
(7) Adjourn

Mixed Use 2 is more restrictive than Mixed Use.  What does MU permit, that MU2 does not?

  • Multi family residential, apartments
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches, clubs and fraternal organizations
  • Indoor amusement and entertainment facilities including, such as bowling alleys, gaming devices, billiard parlors, movie theaters
  • Outdoor amusement and entertainment facilities
  • Public utilities including equipment and supply storage
  • Transmission towers
  • Adult businesses
  • Auto and truck major repairs including such services as repair, reconditioning, painting, body and fender work, upholstering and seat covering
  • Auto and truck sales, rental
  • Auto service stations and car wash
  • Bars and lounges
  • Boat sales
  • Exterminating, fumigating, septic tank pumping, furnace cleaning
  • Funeral establishments/Crematorium
  • Kennels
  • Mini-warehouses
  • Mobile home and trailer sales
  • Monument sales
  • Hotels and motels
  • Sales and service of commercial and industrial supplies and equipment
  • Sales and storage of construction materials
  • Self-service laundries
  • Signs, off-site signs including billboards, panels and other advertising signs
  • Truck stops, including servicing and minor repairs, but excluding truck terminals and their storage warehouse
  • Light industrial Structures & Facilities
  • Dry-cleaning plant
  • Printing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Wholesale business and storage
  • Recycling collection centers