Windermere Crossing’s Major Revision approved by 3-2 vote

Windermere’s drawing for Cannon widening from Roddy to Hwy 44

Windermere Crossing’s 103 lots west of Roddy, north of Cannon roads were approved by Ascension’s Planning Commission during a videoconference meeting on January 13.  The approval was not going to be revoked on Wednesday, no matter how badly dozens of public speakers wanted it.  A 3-2 vote of the Commission did approve a Major Revision to eliminate a Roddy Road ingress/egress point in return for the developer, Dantin Bruce, widening Cannon to 20′ from Roddy, westward to Hwy 44.

Neither option held any appeal to the residents who appeared to speak out, though the consensus was to retain the terms approved in January.

“Widening (Cannon, from Roddy) to O’Neal Road is ridiculous,” Commissioner Aaron Chaisson said of the January 13 compromise conjured by his colleague, Chairman Matthew Pryor.  “Just like the Jamestown Crossing (approval) was ridiculous.  It makes no sense to widen this little stretch.”

Cannon Road viewed west-to-east

Six months ago Dantin Bruce offered to do the same deal in return for eliminating the Roddy Road entrance on its preliminary plat.  The offer was rejected by a majority of the Commission following Chairman Pryor’s lead; claiming he did not trust the current administration to ensure it would get done.  The majority (Pryor was joined by Commissioners Julio Dumas, Ken Firmin and Robert Hodgson) would condition approval upon adding a Cannon Road entrance..

Dotted red-line depicts Cannon Road where developer is obligated to increase width to 18′

with Dantin Bruce widening a stretch of Cannon from Roddy to O’Neal to 18′.

Referenced by Commissioner Chaisson on Wednesday, Jamestown Crossing was another of Pryor’s tortured conditions, making way for another Dantin Bruce subdivision targeted for either side of Hwy 930.  That roadway averaged 17.3 feet of crumbling asphalt over its length according to Planning Director Jerome Fournier, no impediment to Commission approval (even in the face of Ascension’s Land Development Code 17-4032 Street Requirements):

A. The Commission shall apply the following rules in evaluation of subdivision applications:
1. Density Restrictions
a. No major or minor subdivision may be developed on any street which is less than 18’ in pavement width.

Pryor would say of the ordinance:

“Does that mean the whole roadway needs to be wider than 18 feet?  Does it mean an average?  Or does it mean as long as there’s portions that are 18 feet wide it’s acceptable?”

The thought of simply denying the subdivision preliminary plats never seemed to enter into the equations.

Residents support only one option for Windermere Crossing…don’t build it

Ricky Compton, Ascension’s Director of Planning and Facility Maintenance, expressed the administration’s preference for the Major Revision.  Describing ultimate plans to widen Cannon Road all the way from Hwy 44, east to Hwy 431, he said a connection to Airline Hwy will be added.

Approval was conditioned upon the widening of Cannon Road prior to construction of Windermere Crossing.