Whether incumbent runs or not, District 4 is wide open seat

New District 4 in pink

11 Ascension Parish Council seats are scheduled to be contested on October 14, with some districts having seen major changes to accommodate wildly shifting demographic patterns reflected in the most recent decennial census.  Our analysis of those district-by-district shifts, with an assessment of potential changes to the electoral dynamic, focuses on District 4 today.  (See above for map going into effect for Election Day, adopted during a Special Meeting of the Council on December 29).

While voting precincts were split and renumbered, the district saw no territorial changes.

Current District 4 in green.

We cannot envision a scenario in which the incumbent seeks reelection.  If Councilman Corey Orgeron does place his name on the ballot we cannot envision a scenario in which he does not get embarrassed at the polls.

The target of a recall petition in mid-2021, an undermanned effort beset with internecine finger pointing still managed to collect a respectable number of signatures for the bedraggled council member’s ouster.  The recall petition being a public record, any District 4 hopeful would be well-advised to request the petition as a template for voter turnout.

Out of the gate early is Nicholas Miller…

who currently serves on the seven-member Planning & Zoning Commission.  Expect one or two more candidates to enter the fray as qualifying for the October 14 election is August 8-10.

Councilman Orgeron has checked out, his attendance rate is barely sufficient to avoid forfeiture of the District 4 seat required in Ascension’s Home Rule Charter for failure “to attend meetings without good cause for a period of three consecutive months.”  Historically fickle when it comes to supporting incumbents, the voters of District 4 are unlikely to reelect a representative who missed 20 of the last 33 Parish Council meetings (since September 30, 2021).  A sorry record, indeed, but stellar compared to Orgeron’s East Ascension Drainage meeting attendance record.

According to the official minutes of EA Drainage meetings Corey Orgeron was absent for all ten meetings in 2022.  He did show up on January 10.

When Orgeron did bother to attend meetings his disgraceful antics were an abject embarrassment to District 4 and Ascension Parish.  Multiple petulant engagements with a sometimes angry citizenry led to his censure in October of 2021…

Councilman Corey “Eat Another Twinkie” Orgeron

District 4, whether Orgeron is on the ballot or not, is a wide-open seat.