Urban Systems buried traffic analysis on Transportation agenda (two years late); another $250,000 for HNTB

Transportation Chairman Aaron Lawler

April 9, 2018 – 6:00 PM
Courthouse East, 2nd Floor, 828 S. Irma Blvd. Gonzales, LA 70737


(1) Call to Order / Roll Call of Members
(2) Invocation / Pledge
(3) Public Comment Period
(4) Committee Chairman’s Report
(5) Acceptance of minutes of February 28, 2018 meeting as written.
(6) Roads to be considered for acceptance into the Parish Maintenance System as follows: (Rickey DeArmond, Inspections)

  • Hollows of Dutchtown, Phase III: Cypress Hollow Avenue …1,596.55 ft; Sleepy Hollow Drive … 830 ft; Shady Ridge Drive … 587 ft; Irving Avenue … 513 ft.
  • Ironwood Estates Subdivision: Ironwood Avenue … 1,222.25 ft; Ledgestone Drive … 1,118.15 ft;  Waycross Avenue … 1,312.50 ft; Herringbone Drive …780.37 ft;  Flagstone Avenue …381.88 ft; Copperwood Avenue … 382.08 ft.

(7) Traffic Impact Study Analysis: Urban Systems, Inc. presentation regarding traffic studies per Parish Unified Land Development Code. (Christine Darrah, P.E./Jerome Fournier, Planning and Zoning Director)

(8) Department Report: (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(9) Approval of Change Order No. 2-MC associated with “Asphalt Reconstruction and Overlay 2017 – Master Contract” (ENG-17-012) to add 30 days to the contract term, ending on May 5, 2018. (Tacie Rabalais, Transportation Engineer)

(10) Approval to install NO PARKING signs at the end of Swallow Bayou Road to deter vehicles from parking on the street and in the road right of way. (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(11) Approval to have the Parish President and/or his designated Authorized Parish Representative execute Just Compensation Offer throughout the R/W Acquisition process, see attached example. (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(12) Approval to restart Task 1 via Supplement 1 under the Master Contract for General Engineering Consultant Services “Transportation Master Plan Development and Implementation” and to amend the HNTB contract by an additional $250,414 as well as to amend the Road Construction Budget accordingly. (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(13) Approval of contract for Gresham, Smith and Partners in the amount of $49,500 to provide technical assistance for the Safe Routes to Public Places Program (SRTPPP) and/or Local Road Safety Program (LRSP). (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(14) Approval to increase the Master Contract for “Professional Engineering Design and Related Services – Move Ascension” and to Approve amending of the Move Ascension Fund budget for additional $3,000,000, increasing the total contract amount from $7,000,000 to a new total Not To Exceed amount of $10,000,000 in order to task out PreConstruction activities for additional Phase 2 Projects within the Move Ascension Program. The Eleven firms under this contract are: BKI, SKA, BUCHART HORN, EVANS GRAVES, GSA, HARTMAN, MEYER ENG., NEEL SCHAFFER, SJB GROUP, TBS, AND VOLKERT. (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)

(15) Resolution for Design Exceptions for the Babin Rd Bridge replacement project. This resolution represents the second design exception for this project. (Mike Enlow, Assistant DPW Director)




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