Steven Tureau coasts to victory in all three parishes comprising 23rd JDC

Steven Tureau

Steven Tureau beat Chris Bridges early, beat him on Election Day and beat him badly in each of the three parishes which comprise the 23rd Judicial District Court.  On Tuesday it became official, Tureau will be the next Division D judge after racking up big margins in Ascension (which both candidates call home), Assumption and St. James.

The overall margin was over 14,000 votes, nearly 8,000 of the margin coming from Ascension even though Tureau’s 58% share was less than the other parishes.  In Assumption Tureau won 72% of the vote and 3,500 more votes than Bridges; in St. James it was 68% and 2,800.

Currently an Assistant District Attorney in DA Ricky Babin’s office, Tureau will join another of Babin’s assistants on the bench next year.  Cody Martin won the Division B contest yesterday.