State Reps urge Congressional Republicans electors chosen in “Fraudulent Manner”

Twenty-four Louisiana state representatives released a letter they jointly sent to the Republican members of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation urging them to reject Biden/Harris electors chosen under fraudulent and unconstitutional systems.

The lawmakers laid out in detail why Biden/Harris electors from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were chosen in violation of the U.S. Constitution and laws passed by the legislatures of each state.

“Nineteen states have challenged the unconstitutional ‘appointment’ of electors for the six states where much of the fraud occurred,” State Representative Beryl Amedee said.  “It is clear that roughly half the country disputes the ‘results’ of the election in these swing states.  Louisiana worked hard to protect election integrity.  For Congress to casually certify election results from states where blatant fraud was tolerated is offensive and unacceptable.”

“We will never have another free or fair election if the fraud is not addressed now.  Trust is destroyed in the system,” Representative Kathy Edmonston added.

Representative Valerie Hodges summarized, “Whether you are Democrat or Republican, honesty in the election booth should matter.  The integrity of elections must be preserved if we are to remain a free nation.  Every disenfranchised voter should contact their Congressman and Senators immediately.”

Congress is set to certify presidential electors when they meet on Wednesday, January 6.