SSA’s Slaughter hosting fundraiser to pay off Matassa’s legal bills

Dr. Christel Slaughter (courtesy of Channel 21)

Her company having pocketed over $275,000 of Ascension taxpayer money in return for dubious (if any) value, it makes perfect sense that SSA Consultants’ Cristel Slaughter is returning the favor.  The invitation below is to a fundraiser to pay off Kenny Matassa’s legal bills incurred to fend off a felony bribery charge.  Since Slaughter and SSA ripped off Ascension’s taxpayers it is only fair that she save them the cost of reimbursing Matassa’s $235,000 tab (even though his lawyer claimed not to have been paid).

In return for $160,000 Slaughter headed up an Efficiency/Effectiveness Study that was, ironically, delivered half-a-year late to Ascension Parish and was never implemented.  Which didn’t stop the firm from pocketing another $40,000 to create the veneer of legitimacy to multiple “national searches,” one of which landed an HR Director who lasted a year…

August 16, 2017: Matassa announces Wesley’s hire

and accused President Kenny Matassa race/gender discrimination on her way out the door. Taleta Wesley, for all the obligatory slobberings of praise for her abilities by Matassa and the Parish Council, could not muster up the minimal competence to draft Job Descriptions for the parish’s ever-growing roster of employees.  Wesley’s ineptitude allowed Slaughter and SSA to pocket another $76,000 to write them and instill performance metrics.  That was seven months ago and SSA has performed no better, i.e. Ascension is still waiting on those job descriptions.

And then there was…

“National Search” for new Infrastructure Director to last 4 DAYS

Apparently what had been missing from Ascension Parish Government, the panacea to cure what ailed the parish where woefully inadequate traffic/sewer/drainage/water infrastructure threaten our sacred quality of life, was an Infrastructure Division Director.  That’s why Parish President Kenny Matassa and his gang launched a “nationwide search” to fill the all important position which did not exist until 2017.

Or had the inaugural Infrastructure Division Director already been identified and this was another in a long line of subterfuge perpetrated to dupe the voting public?  A subterfuge in which Cristel Slaughter played her assigned role.

On the job for one month, HR Director Wesley fell in line with administration shenanigans when she commenced that “national search” for Ascension’s inaugural Infrastructure Division Director which was scheduled for four days, September 26-29.  Of course William Daniel, IV had already been chosen on September 27 and it was announced on October 10.  Slaughter went along with the farce though working from a different script:

Two weeks after the charade played out Slaugher responded to a Pelican Post email:

We did agree to help Ascension with three key hires (there was no HR director in place at the time) – HR, Recreation and originally the Utilities Director which eventually morphed into the Infrastructure Division Director. We have done a significant number of executive searches in both the public and private sectors. Since we had recently done six searches for EBR as they split up the Department of Public Works, we had dozens of fairly current resumes and did talk with some of the top candidates. Candidly, the best one would not apply because the salary was too low.

If my memory serves me, I think William had served on a transition team between the Martinez-Matassa transition and had mentioned to someone that he might be interested in a position in AP.  I think Ken Dawson told us that he might want to be considered and I called him myself.

Honestly, I didn’t think much about the Council being involved as the position was not identified in the Plan of Government as one that needed to be ratified.

Honestly, neither does the Plan of Government (or Home Rule Charter as we like to call it) identify Recreation and Utilities as ones that needed to be ratified either; and the Infrastructure Division Director is not mentioned at all since it was only created in 2017.  Slaughter’s willingness to spout off whatever nonsense seemed expeditious at the time must have made for a great working relationship with Matassa and Council leadership whose bib-worthy drooling over Slaughter’s supposed abilities was cringe inducing.

Here’s hoping this high-end can shake raises enough money to satisfy Matassa’s tab; and Ascension taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill.