Sorrento Councilman Chris Guidry: Huge shout out to Ascension Drainage Department

Parish excavator cleaning out drainage canal behind Oak Street [Sorrento] in anticipation of Tropical Storms.

Chris Guidry was elected to Sorrento’s Town Council in a Special Election held on October 12, 2019.  Like others before him, Guidry was motivated to serve because of persistent, frustrating drainage issues long bedeviling the town with no relief in sight.  He is determined to find solutions, committed to a cooperative relationship with Ascension Parish to effectuate them.

Sorrento, with limited resources, is dependent on East Ascension Drainage Board for “major drainage” as well as minor issues like maintenance of roadside ditches.  That reliance has resulted in a fair amount of finger-pointing and recrimination in the past.  It was that frustration which led to Mayor Mike Lambert’s lawsuit against East Ascension Drainage Board when the details of a deal for cleaning out Sorrento’s roadside ditches could not be worked out.

Mayor Mike Lambert and Town of Sorrento sue East Ascension Drainage Board

“I’ve never accepted the idea that Sorrento and Ascension Parish have to be at odds over drainage,” said Guidry.  “Recent events prove that we can work together to get things done to help our residents.”

With two storms in the Gulf of Mexico the newly-elected council member inspected much of Sorrento’s drainage works.  Noticing several obstructions in a drainage canal behind Oak Street, Guidry contacted Parish Councilman Joel Robert and President Clint Cointment who dispatched Public Works Director Ron Savoy to the scene on Sunday.  An emergency ticket was filed and the job got done.

“Within 12 hours Ron had two of his guys come out with a 30,000 pound excavator and they took care of business,” Guidry recalled.  “I want to give a huge shout out to the entire Ascension Parish Drainage Department.  Having seen them in action, maneuvering that piece of equipment to get a huge tree out of the drainage canal…well, it sure is comforting to know there are such dedicated, hard-working parish employees.”

The area seems to have escaped the worst of Tropical Storm Marco, but Hurricane Laura looms in the Gulf.  Guidry confirmed that pumps on Bayou Conway are being manned around the clock, as is a tractor pump just off Main Street in Sorrento.

“I want to assure the residents of Sorrento that the parish has our back.  In the long run I am committed to resolving any existing issues between the town and the parish so that we can move forward together,” Chris Guidry vowed.  “What’s good for Sorrento drainage is good for Ascension Parish.”