Sorrento Council approves 225-lot Orange Grove Subdivision

Sorrento Council members: Chad Domingue, Wanda Bourgeois, Darnell Gilbert, Mayor Chris Guidry, Duane Humphrey, Randy Anny

Sorrento’s Town Council unanimously approved Orange Grove Subdivision’s preliminary plat and construction plans Tuesday, more than a decade after the development’s initial proposal.  275 residential lots envisioned over several filings, full buildout of the long-anticipated subdivision could increase the town’s population by a third or more.  Located on Hwy 22 near Sorrento Primary School, last night’s approval was made subject to several contingencies.

Chief among them is sewer permitting, Sorrento’s existing treatment plant to accommodate 101 lots in Orange Grove’s initial filing anticipated to include 101 lots (the second filing would include the next 41 lots with the remainder not yet formalized).  Louisiana DOTD will also be involved since the development accesses a state highway which also affords ingress/egress to an elementary school.

  • Sorrento is owed $100,000 for “Fire and Police Protection” that must be paid prior to signing of the Final Plat/Construction Plans by the town Planning & Zoning Chairman along with Mayor Chris Guidry.
  • An Infrastructure Development District to fund “roads, streets and drainage” was attached to the plat which “will result in a special ad valorem tax being assessed against all property…for the maintenance of the public streets, street lighting and drainage infrastructure placed on the property identified on this plat.  Pending approval of the Louisiana State Legislature.”
  • Agreed upon recreational amenities are to be added on the plat.

The Council also introduced an ordinance to limit Placement of Fill on development to 24″, as compared to Ascension Parish’s 36″ fill limit.  Single-family homes built on more than one-half acre would be capped at 24″ with larger lots able to exceed two feet, but requiring mitigation.

The cap, according to Mayor Chris Guidry who “prefers the more stringent policy,” would apply to Major/Minor Subdivisions which would have to achieve an average of 24″ of fill over an entire development.  The policy is “more stringent” than that applied by Ascension Parish.