Silverleaf Street and subdivision are no more, (un)paving way to drainage projects

The dirt road which used to be Silverleaf Street

Silverleaf Subdivision is no more, nary house or structure, the street of the same name replaced by a dirt road affording access to heavy equipment finalizing a project undertaken by the City of Gonzales last year.  40+ homes along what was Silverleaf Street, parallel to Hwy 30 a few tenths of a mile south, where flooding seemed to occur after every major rain event, US Department of Agriculture authorized the funds to buy out every homeowner and compensate the city for the street’s value.

The demolition is complete (but for a minor detail here and there), (un)paving the way for potential drainage projects to benefit the basin south of Gonzales.

Silverleaf Street (January 2021)

In December US Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit to begin work on long-neglected Boyle Bayou, part of a more comprehensive effort to alleviate drainage/flooding concerns bedeviling residents of south Ascension Parish, east of the Mississippi River.  It is only a start if a mix of officials (state legislators, elected parish and municipal figures, and appointed Pontchartrain Levee District members) are successful.

The City of Gonzales, in concert with Pontchartrain Levee District, proposed a $12 million project to the Watershed Initiative which envisions a series of detention basins…

Detention basins identified by blue circles. Blue line-Panama Canal; Red line-Bayou Conway; Green line-Boyle Bayou

to “store and manage large quantities of storm-water during intense rain events.”

Ascension Parish/City of Gonzales secure Watershed Initiative funding/permits for drainage projects