Senator Jody Amedee and Ascension legislative delegation announce funding for Edenborne/St. Landry connector

Today, the State Bond Commission approved funding for the Edenborne Connector to help relieve congestion on La. Highway 30 and the La. Hwy 430 and I-10 Interchange, a move applauded by District 18 State Senator Jody Amedee, Representative Eddie Lambert, State Senator Troy Brown, Representative Johnny Berthelot, Representative Ed Price and Representative Clay Schendaydre.

“The Edenborne Connector Road project represents the highest priority transportation project for Ascension Parish,” said Sen. Amedee. “I am thrilled that the funding has been approved which will mean that our citizens will face less traffic congestion, shorter travel times and reduced vehicle emissions in the region. I also want to thank Parish President Tommy Martinez, other area leaders and the delegation for their tireless work in bringing this solution to the table.”

$5.2 million in funding for the Edenborne Connector was approved by the commission as a Priority 1 funding project as allocated in House Bill 2 of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session. Priority 1 projects are those that are first in line for funding in the current year.

“This project has the potential to make a substantial impact on a congested intersection in a short period of time at a substantial savings,” said Rep. Lambert.

State Senator Troy Brown added, “I am proud that area leaders and the Ascension parish delegation were able to come together to find a practical strategy to provide relief for our citizens who sit in this congestion every day.”

“I’d like to thank Sen. Amedee and the entire delegation for helping us secure the funding for this important infrastructure project. It is one of the first new roads that will be built since the 1950s and I am sure that it will bring many benefits both economically and from a safety perspective,” said Parish President Martinez.

The Edenborne Connector Road is expected to substantially reduce traffic flow through the LA 30 interchange with I-10 and improve traffic distribution between the LA 30 and LA 44 interchange with I-10, providing relief for area residents, commuters to the industrial corridor of the parish, and visitors to the Tanger Mall and Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Martinez says he expects construction to begin in the first part of 2016.



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