Results of Senator Eddie Lambert’s 2022 Legislative Survey

District 18 Senator Eddie Lambert

District 18 State Senator Eddie Lambert recently tabulated the results of his 2022 Legislative Survey.  Consisting of nine questions, the survey is intended to gauge constituent preferences preparatory to next year’s legislative session.  2023’s Regular Session will mark the final year in Lambert’s penultimate term in the Senate, assuming his reelection to a third and final term is a foregone conclusion (and we believe it is, and should be).

Below are the nine questions, with survey results.

Question No. 1:  Should the legislature pass laws to restrict the governor’s power to issue executive orders during a pandemic?

  • Yes:  64.23%
  • No:  35.77%

Question No. 2:  Do you support legislation to prohibit the governor and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students to attend school and daycare facilities, even with parental exemptions in place?

  • Yes:  67.75%
  • No:  32.25%

Question No. 3:  Louisiana currently has a budget surplus of $669 million and $1.4 billion in unspent federal pandemic aid.  Rank the following areas you deem most deserving of funding?  (1 being most deserving; 5 being least deserving).

  • 1-Transportation/Infrastructure projects
  • 2-Coastal restoration and flood control
  • 3-Improvements to state water and sewerage systems
  • 4-Climate change initiatives
  • 5-Other

Question No. 4:  Do you favor legalizing marijuana for recreational use?

  • Yes:  47.76%
  • No:  52.24%

Question No. 5:  Do you support a bill to allow concealed carry of weapons without a permit?

  • Yes:  50.92%
  • No:  49.08%

Question No. 6:  Do you support legislation that prohibits discrimination relative to immunization status?

  • Yes:  73.83%
  • No:  26.17%

Question No. 7:  Do you favor eliminating the death penalty?

  • Yes:  27.49%
  • No:  72.51%

Question No. 8:  Do you favor lowering the age from 18 to 17 to prosecute juveniles as an adult?

  • Yes:  66.94%
  • No:  33.06%

Question No. 9:  Would you support a refundable $0.05 deposit on plastic bottles to reduce litter and encourage recycling?

  • Yes:  73.47%
  • No:  26.53%