Remembering Darryl “D-La” Lavigne

Darryl “D-La” Lavigne with your writer.

Any male of a certain age (early to mid-50s) who grew up in East Ascension Parish, playing on the baseball diamonds in the City of Gonzales when Prairieville was aptly named, you will never forget Darryl “D-La” Lavigne.  D-La passed away on Sunday, we hear it was a heart attack, after years of hard living even after it had become unfashionable among his many, many friends.

The game came naturally to D-La, whose considerable physical skills were obvious to the most casual observer.  He was the real deal but, for whatever reason, never made it past junior college.

Decades later his friends can still remember those Glory Days before adult concerns crowded out the carefree days of youth.  Some of us grow up later than others, and maybe D-La never did.  No matter the circumstance D-La, the gentlest of souls, always brightened the day with an uproarious laugh and indelible smile.

Not a bad legacy, come to think about it.

Rest In Peace.