Reckless disregard for truth, or bald-faced LIAR?

The Bald-Face of a Liar: Corey Orgeron [from his Facebook page]

By: Wade Petite

Corey Orgeron’s haphazard claims exhibit a reckless disregard for the truth; or maybe he’s just a bald-faced liar.

I first took notice of Orgeron on Saturday morning when a reader shared a link to his campaign Facebook page.  Orgeron is challenging incumbent District 4B School Board member, John Murphy, who would seem to be the favorite, and the upstart Orgeron turned nasty three days before today’s election.  Chalking it up to a candidate’s desperate attempt to avoid humiliation at the polls, I shrugged off Orgeron’s fantastical/irresponsible claims.

Among Orgeron’s absurd declarations:

  • SINCE MURPHY has been in office YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILL has more than TRIPLED.
  • MURPHY has REFUSED to vote for a teacher pay raise – our teachers are the lowest paid despite being the most successful.

Of course, neither claim is true.   While the value of the School Board’s total millage (61.59 at present) has increased, that is attributable to additional population.  The tax burden on any single property has not tripled as Orgeron would have you believe.

As a matter of FACT (which has little appeal for Corey Orgeron) the School Board (including John Muphy) voted a 3% raise for all full-time employees, including teachers, in 2014.  The Advocate included this graph as an adjunct to its story at the time:

For the 2015-16 school year Ascension’s teachers were the 10th highest paid in Louisiana (out of 69 school districts); dipping to 14th highest in 2016-17.  That is according to Louisiana’s Department of Education.  The information is readily available to anyone with access to Google and ten minutes to spare.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose.

How does Orgeron plan to increase teacher pay and reduce your tax bill at the same time?

I have never met Corey Orgeron who seems to have taken issue with two articles appearing in Pelican Post on Monday.  One was a list of endorsements of Murphy by three parish-wide elected officials, the former superintendent of schools, and a colleague on the School Board.  The other was a Letter to the Editor questioning Orgeron’s character, a letter responding to Orgeron’s Saturday diatribe described above.

Orgeron made a lengthy comment in response to that Letter on our Facebook page.  It began:

Corey OrgeronApparently we can add Wade “disbarred lawyer” Petit to the list of good ole boys hired to support my opponent in tomorrow’s race. Nothing like a couple thousand dollars in campaign dollars to get the Pelican Post to suborn perjury…

First off, the name is “Petite” though, given Orgeron’s tenuous grasp of the simplest facts, concessions must be made.  Secondly, I was not disbarred…

As a matter of fact I received another letter from the Disciplinary Board in August:

Orgeron, a lawyer himself we are told, may want to brush up on Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  Rule 8.4 Misconduct:

“It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(c) Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Lastly, and most important, neither I nor Pelican Post has received a penny to support John Murphy against this habitual liar.  There is an outstanding invoice to John Murphy’s Reelection Campaign in the amount of $250 which is hereby waived.  Call it an “in kind contribution” which we are honored to give.

It has been my great good fortune to have called John Murphy a friend for over 40 years.  He is among the most honest men I have ever known.  It is an easy call to endorse John Murphy.