Recall petitions against Orgeron and Casso to be filed this week

Among the Ascension Parish Council recall targets is third-term District 8 representative, Chairwoman Teri Casso; and first-term District 4 councilman, Corey Orgeron.  It appears the requisite petitions to launch the effort will be filed against them this week.  Orgeron, paradoxically the most ignorant but loudest yammerer on the body, is perceived to be the lowest hanging fruit though Casso’s lofty position and lengthier tenure render her service exponentially more consequential (for good or ill).

Orgeron’s incessant, non-sensical rantings earned him the earliest recall attention.  Supporters of the Orgeron recall cover a broad spectrum, from other elected officials reticent to speak publicly to an angry citizenry that cannot be silenced.  Chaired by Denise Drago with Donna Jones as the Vice-Chair, there are significant dollars behind the Orgeron recall.


Endorsed by Planning Commission Chairman Matthew Pryor, it should come as no surprise that Orgeron defied his constituents’ will in supporting Antebellum Pointe (once denied only to be approved on July 14 as a renamed, Delaune Estates).

Vote to overturn Denial of Antebellum Pointe (July 16, 2020)

The petition, according to sources official and non-official, will be filed with Louisiana’s Secretary of State on Tuesday, July 20.  The timing is no coincidence.


The Recall Teri Casso movement announced its plans via social media on Friday.  Casso, according to multiple of the group’s representatives, has been wholly unresponsive to its outreach efforts which included a request that she resign the District 8 council seat she has occupied since January of 2012.

The case for Recall of Lawler and Casso

Don’t expect the Casso recall petition to be filed before Tuesday when an interview has been scheduled with the organizers of her attempted demise.  The chair and vice-chair have been designated, though official announcement will not come until next week.

There has been no more pro-subdivision development voice on the council than Casso.  It is a common thread running through six recall attempts along with the attempted coup to remove Parish President Clint Cointment’s authority over East Ascension Drainage District.

Four more council members have been targeted for recall; Dempsey Lambert, Aaron Lawler, Dal Waguespack and John Cagnolatti.