Recall Petition filed against District 81 Representative Clay Schexnayder

Image from The Hayride

According to The Hayride on Friday, a recall petition has been filed against Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder whose District 81 includes Gonzales.  The Hayride claims to have predicted it, writing:

“Schexnayder’s effectively blocking the Seabaugh petition to reopen the state’s economy for three months, and then his 10 days of stall tactics on Rep. Mark Wright’s petition, would make the House Speaker the new face of Louisiana’s shutdowns.”

A social media group, Louisiana House Recall posted the following on Saturday:

The recall petition for Clay Schexnayder has been officially filed with the LA SOS.

PLEASE stay tuned as signing events will begin soon.

FYI, Clay has his goons already calling and threatening the recall Chairman, so, let me be perfectly clear,

Clay Schexnayder State Representative, we will NOT play, we WILL back trace calls, and we WILL fight back, period, end of conversation.

The Recall Team

From Thursday:

Good evening PATRIOTS,

We are very pleased to announce that we have a Chairman for the House recall efforts for Clay Schexnayder!!!!!!

Our Chairman is Mr. Blaine LeMaire, and he is ready to go. In as much, it’s time for a Vice Chairperson to come forward, sign the petition, and it will be forwarded to the Louisiana Secretary of State. Once that is filed, I am certain the the recall of “Republicrat” Clay Schexnayder, SOH, will be recalled quickly, as he was the ringleader of the opposition ( Gang of 23) to the original House override petition.

If you are willing to step up, send us a PM, or email to with your contact info.

Patriots, Clay IS the “tip of the spear”, and recalling him will sound a very LOUD message to ALL reps who have not yet signed the ORIGINAL House override petition!!! **WE MUST NOT SETTLE FOR THIS NEWEST VERSION!!!!**

The task of recall is not an easy one.  How many qualified electors reside in the four-parish area (parts of Ascension, St. James, St. John the Baptist and Livingston) comprising District 81?

Between 25,000-100,000 electors requires 25%.  More than 100,000 electors would necessitate 20%.  That is according to Louisiana Revised Statute 18:1300.2.