Recall Petition against him, Orgeron accuses Cointment of multiple felonies

I-10 on ramp at Hwy 73 this morning

Corey Orgeron, whose 2019 election to the District 4 Ascension Parish Council seat should have us all reconsidering the democratic process, knows no shame.  His latest social media tirade against Parish President Clint Cointment should come as no surprise since the Recall Corey Orgeron group filed its petition against him yesterday.  Prairieville’s disgrace levelled very serious accusations, some importing criminal conduct, against Cointment on his social media page.

Orgeron wrote:

“As the days and weeks go one (sic), I will point out acts of nepotism, fraudmoney laundering, etc., all actions or attempted actions taken by Cointment to benefit his friends and punish anyone that goes against him.”

“Not a shred of truth in it,” Cointment dismissed “another in a long line of baseless attacks” by Orgeron.

While there may be no method, there is a pattern to Orgeron’s madness.  Whenever an angry citizenry focuses its rage at the Prairieville councilman, Orgeron goes after Cointment or council colleagues in an attempt to deflect the heat.  Purporting to explain his vote to strip Cointment’s authority over East Ascension Drainage District…

Commission strips Cointment of drainage duties, ignoring public outcry

Orgeron, deeming Clint Cointment “the most corrupt individual to ever serve in Ascension Parish office!”, went on to claim…

“Cointment removed all drainage and road work from District 4.  He further punished my neighbors by illegally firing several constituents with 20+ years experience, just to prove his point—Don’t Screw with King Clint!

To further punish my neighbors, Cointment tore up the contract to de-snag debris and remove trees from Bayou Manchac…Yes, in 2019, the previous administration received permission from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to clear Bayou Manchac despite its classification as a scenic waterway, realizing the importance of getting the water invading us from EBR to flow freely and quickly.  In the grandest effort of political pettiness, Cointment opted to flood the northern parts of Ascension Parish because he was angry that most of us supported his opponents.  It is this decision that caused the unprecedented flooding we have experienced since May 17th.”

And, yet, a group of District 4 voters opted to seek Orgeron’s recall.  In a four-man race for parish president Cointment received 46.3% of the vote in District 4 precincts, nearly 5% points better than he did parish-wide.  Why isn’t Cointment taking out his victory frustration on Gonzales (or Donaldsonville)?

Serious accusations, we have emailed Councilman Orgeron a list of questions in the hope that he will elaborate.  We reiterate here:

“Do you have any proof, documentary evidence or witness testimony, to substantiate any of your accusations?  When will you ‘point out acts of nepotism, fraud, money laundering, etc., all actions or attempted actions taken by Cointment…’?

Can you substantiate the accusation that “Cointment removed all drainage and road work from District 4″ or is it your claim that the parish president only threatened to do so?

Have you presented evidence in your possession to the appropriate authorities?”

Orgeron is not the only council recall target employing such tactics, just the most shameless.  Recently, District 5’s Dempsey Lambert told constituents that President Cointment “refused to release equipment” to finish a minor drainage project begun under Cointment’s predecessor.  Lambert, according to multiple constituents, claimed “the job has been permitted” but came to a halt before Cointment took office for some unspecified reason.

It was another lie propagated against the PEOPLE of Ascension Parish by their council representatives.  Dempsey Lambert has also been targeted for recall.