PUD rezone recommended for Village at Sawgrass, no action taken on 115-unit Concept Plan

Looking southwest from Orice Roth (Sawgrass Point in background)

On September 6 Gonzales Planning/Zoning Commission declined to consider an application to rezone 16 acres south of Orice Roth/west of Veterans Blvd from its current C-1 (Commercial) classification to Planned Unit Development (PUD).  The reasoning, as stated by Commissioner Kemlyn Bailey Lomas last month, the need to “determine whether the area can handle additional development.”  Without any such determination being expressed, Lomas and two other commissioners unanimously recommended approval of the PUD zoning change on Monday

Commissioners John Lanoux and Ralph Rebowe were not present.  Chairman Scott Hughes and Commissioner Doug Gautreau joined Lomas in the recommendation.

As with all planning and zoning matters, the commission’s action is merely a recommendation to the City Council which will introduce an ordinance to rezone the acreage at its next regularly scheduled meeting; Monday, October 11.  The five-member council will vote on the ordinance thereafter.

Strangely enough, the PUD Concept Plan…

only mustered two (Hughes and Gautreau) votes.  According to Scot Byrd, Gonzales’ Chief Administrative Officer who runs P/Z meetings, the Concept Plan submittal automatically returns to the next meeting agenda.  That is due to the city council’s recent Development Code amendment to require a majority of the body’s membership to vote on any action.

The 2-1 vote was neither an approval, nor denial recommendation.

A second application, this one to rezone four lots comprising nearly 10 acres at the southeastern corner of Outfitter’s Dr and S St. Landry Rd from C-1 to C-2, was recommended for denial.  The applicant, Tower Capital Holdings, declared its intention to build an “office warehouse” though amending the zoning would allow numerous other uses unbefitting the character of its surroundings.

CAO Byrd recommended the applicant come back in November to seek a Special Use Permit, a mechanism whereby the city can specify and allow a particular land use.