Orgeron’s miserable meeting attendance is a good thing for Ascension

Councilman Corey “No Show” Orgeron

Half the battle is just showing up. (Variously attributed to Stephen Hawking, Woody Allen, and others).

Six of Ascension’s 11 council members have a perfect attendance record for the 14 conducted so far in 2022.  District 4’s Corey “No Show” Orgeron is not one of them, having skipped nine meetings while bugging out long before two other meetings were adjourned.  Orgeron has been present for approximately 42.9% of the Council’s total meeting time, having played hooky since attending the May 5 session moved from Donaldsonville’s historic, but leaky, courthouse to Gonzales

Three more consecutive absences “without good cause shown” and, pursuant to Home Rule Charter section 4-20, his District 4 Council seat “shall be forfeited.  Fingers crossed

While his council meeting attendance has been less than stellar this year, it is downright diligent compared to his attendance of 2022 East Ascension Drainage meetings…


NOTE  Ten Council members sit Ex Officio on East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage Commission.

That is not a bad thing.  Disruptive and disingenuous (or worse), Orgeron’s absences tend toward more productive and peaceful meetings….if only Councilman Aaron Lawler would join him.  Alvin “Coach” Thomas, having realized that his 2023 reelection bid will include voting precincts on the east bank, has been on his best behavior recently.   His persurd antics would cost a lot of east bank votes.

SIDENOTE: When will the new Parish Council district maps be considered?  We digress.

All this as Orgeron owes an outstanding debt to Ascension taxpayers…

Orgeron still owes Ascension taxpayers $9,896.10

a debt he has avoided for four months, ever since Judge Tess Stromberg ruled he had to pay $9,896.10 worth of President Clint Cointment’s attorney fees in February.  The judgment would not be recorded with the Clerk of Court until March 17.

Rumor has it that Orgeron finally agreed to pay up, though no documentary evidence has been recorded by Ascension’s Clerk.  No one is speaking on the record.

Six members have unblemished 2022 attendance records.

Four of them (Joel Robert, Aaron Lawler, Dal Waguespack and John Cagnolatti) have perfect attendance at 2022 EA Drainage meetings as well.  Councilman Thomas, whose District 1 lies exclusively on the west bank, is not a member of EA Drainage.

The remaining membership’s Council meeting (14 including two Special Meetings) attendance (2022):

  • District 11’s Michael Mason-one absence
  • District 6’s Chase Melancon-three absences
  • District 3’s Travis Turner-four absences
  • District 5’s Dempsey Lambert-5 absences

Attendance at 2022 EA Drainage (5, none in April) meetings:

  • Melancon, Casso and Mason-one absence
  • Lambert-three absences
  • Orgeron-five absences.