Orgeron one absence short of Charter mandated Forfeiture of Office

Corey Orgeron (file photo)

District 4 (Prairieville) Councilman Corey Orgeron has attended one of the governing authority’s meetings since September 16, 2021.  Had he skipped the one on November 18, Orgeron would have been subject to Ascension Home Rule Charter, Section 4-20 Forfeiture of Office:

Whenever any member of the governing authority ceases to be a qualified elector of the parish, ceases to be a resident of the district he represents, or fails to attend meetings without good cause for a period of three (3) consecutive months, or is convicted of a felony as provided by state law, the office shall be forfeited.

Supposedly, Orgeron appeared for the last few minutes of January 6’s videoconference meeting though never recognized.  He failed to show up on:

  • September 30
  • October 7
  • October 21
  • November 4
  • December 9

Orgeron did attend the November 18 council meeting, unfortunately for the people of District 4 who he is supposed to represent.  Neither has Orgeron attended a meeting of East Ascension Drainage since October 18 when he lashed out at a private citizen.

Councilman Corey “Eat Another Twinkie” Orgeron

Considered to be solidly in Dempsey Lambert’s camp when it come to electing the chairman of EA Drainage for 2022, will Orgeron attend tonight’s meeting when that vote is scheduled?

Orgeron does face a criminal charge, a misdemeanor that does not expose him to forfeiture of the District 4 seat if convicted.  On October 15, 2021 he was issued a summons charging Orgeron with Simple Battery. An attorney himself, Orgeron entered a plea of “Not Guilty” at his January 4 arraignment.

His alleged victim, a client of Orgeron’s, was also issued a Simple Battery summons pursuant to an altercation at Orgeron’s law office according to multiple media sources.  But Ascension Clerk of Court’s website indicates no pending proceeding wherein Roydell Lumar is a criminal defendant as Orgeron’s misdemeanor trial is scheduled for March 23.

NOTE: Lumar faced a Simple Battery charge that was dismissed without conviction on May 14, 2014.

The following is a minute entry in the Clerk of Court’s file for State of Louisiana v. Corey Orgeron, Docket No. 607823 in Ascension Parish Court:

Accused present in Open Court.  State represented by MORGAN S. GRAVOIS.  Accused was formally arraigned and Accused entered plea of not guilty to all charges.  Trial by Judge set for March 23rd 2022. Open Court notices given to defendant.

It is not the only court date Orgeron has calendared, with a hearing scheduled for Corey Orgeron v. Clint Cointment, Docket No. 131603 in Judge Tess Percy Stromberg’s Division C.  Stromberg dismissed Orgeron’s suit, ruling that he was on the hook for Cointment’s attorney fees after a hearing on August 20, 2021.  Assessing the amount of those fees was originally set to occur at another hearing on October 19, 2021.

Orgeron lawsuit dismissed (and he has to pay Cointment attorney’s fees)

After one continuance due to a scheduling conflict, reset for October 26, Orgeron filed a formal motion to continue which was granted without objection.  The new hearing date scheduled for February 8.