Orgeron is second council member officially targeted for recall

The second Recall Petition against an Ascension Parish Council member on Wednesday, this one targeting first-termer Corey Orgeron of Prairieville’s District 4.  Citing Orgeron’s “Blatant disregard of the will of his constituents” as the Reason for Recall, the group could have filled up a separate page with other reasons.  Chaired by Donna Jones with longtime critic Denise Drago as Vice Chair, the Recall Corey Orgeron group has ample ammunition to accumulate the 2,544 necessary signatures triggering a recall election for Orgeron.

Triggering the 180-day period in which to accumulate signatures from “qualified electors” in District 4 (what makes an elector “qualified” is a question for which we’ve yet to receive a convincing answer but…Ascension’s new Registrar of Voters has, apparently, updated the voter rolls and provided numbers).

That is according to Ascension’s Registrar of Voters on July 1 when 7,641 ACTIVE Registered Voters were on the rolls.  The filing follows on the heels of the recall petition filed against Council Chairwoman Teri Casso on Monday.

Orgeron, according to multiple of his colleagues is the least prepared, laziest member of the council whose frequent nonsensical tirades that have brought the entire council into disrepute.  All bluff and bluster without a shred of substance, Orgeron is a LIAR willing to say whatever seems politically expedient at the time especially if it attacks Parish President Clint Cointment.

Even  so, collecting 2,544 signatures against him in the 180 days allotted to the recall is a steep hill to climb.

Four more council members have been targeted, each following its own timeline.  Recall Aaron Lawler is eying the end of July, beginning of August to file its petition.  Updates will be made available as received.