Orgeron found GUILTY of Simple Battery

District 4 Councilman Corey Orgeron

Corey Orgeron was found GUILTY of Simple Battery committed against his former client, Roydall Lumar, on October 15 at his Prairieville law office.  Lumar was also found guilty of Simple Battery against Orgeron after a trial in Ascension Parish Court earlier today.  Judge Erin Lanoux found neither particularly credible in what amounted to a finger pointing contest without video or third party evidence to break the tie.

“I still haven’t recovered from it emotionally,” a simpering Orgeron laid it on thick.  “The nightmares have finally gone away.”

Roydall Lumar, representing himself like his former lawyer did, continually harped on the fact that Orgeron withheld a check meant for Lumar.  He could have put forward a more persuasive defense by pointing to more damaging inconsistencies in Orgeron’s testimony.  On the body camera video introduced by the responding officer, already published by WAFB for all to see, Corey Orgeron claimed:

“When he came at me I knew he was going to start kicking me, so I got up as quickly as I could.  I pinned (Lumar) over there and my forearm hit him in the face a couple of times.”

That was from October 15, evidencing a belief that Lumar intended to kick him.  On Wednesday Orgeron insisted, multiple times, that Lumar had completed the act.

  • “He was kicking the living hell out of me,” Orgeron testified, asserting self-defense because, “I was in fear for my life.”
  • “Mr. Lumar exploded.  He was furious, irate,” Orgeron claimed to have fallen when “he kicked me so I grabbed his hair.  That’s when he picked me up.”  Corey Orgeron has, conservatively, 100 lbs on Roydall Lumar.
  • Orgeron introduced five pictures and a medical records “from when I was kicked and stomped” by Roydall Lumar.

Lumar told a wildly different tale, with Orgeron initiating the attack after ripping a $5,100 check made out to Lumar and co-signed by Orgeron.  It was a loan from Oasis Financial secured against the future amount recovered in the personal injury case being handled by Orgeron.  Lumar alleged to have suffered herniated discs in a traffic accident.

“When character counts,” he recalled the words that caught his attention in one of Corey Orgeron’s internet ads.  “That’s why I hired him.  Lawyers aren’t supposed to lie.”

Even his sign is crooked

“He had pure hatred in his eyes,” Lumar described an attack on him by his lawyer.  “He came at me like he did that other councilman.”

By which he meant Joel Robert who told Orgeron, “just shut up” after the infamous…

Councilman Corey “Eat Another Twinkie” Orgeron


Judge Lanoux found both defendants Guilty, handing out identical sentences from the bench.

  • 60 days, suspended
  • 90 days probation, with monthly $60 supervision fee
  • $100 fine, plus court cost of $185
  • Complete an Anger Management class
  • Refrain from criminal conduct
  • No contact with the victim