Orgeron, convicted batterer still owing $9,896 in attorney fees, announces retirement

The chances that Ascension taxpayers will recoup $9,896 owed by Councilman Corey Orgeron diminish with every passing day.  He was ordered to pay that amount, attorney’s fees incurred by Parish President Clint Cointment to defend Orgeron’s frivolous lawsuit that was dismissed on August 20, 2021.  With no apparent intention to pay up, Orgeron announced his semi-retirement via a professional networking platform last week.

Why has President Cointment’s lawyer failed to enforce the debt, formalized by a March 10 Order signed by Judge Tess Stromberg?

Though Judgment Debtor Examinations are rudimentary civil procedure, Diana Tonagel (of Boyer, Hebert, Caruso & Angelle, LLC, a/k/a Aaron Lawler’s new firm) has demonstrated little inclination to finish the job.  After all, she has pocketed her fees.  Why President Cointment has allowed the debt owed his constituents’ to go uncollected is another matter entirely.

Orgeron’s legal troubles are not limited to the civil.  Embattled and embittered, incompetent and generally disagreeable, he floundered around the courtroom on May 18 when Parish Court Judge Erin Lanoux found him guilty of simple battery.  Orgeron and a client engaged in a fistic encounter in October resulting in their mutual simple battery convictions.

Orgeron subsequently filed pleadings to notice his intention of appealing the Guilty verdict.

Councilman Corey “Eat Another Twinkie” Orgeron

On June 21 the Court:

ORDERED that the return date for Defendant, Corey Orgeron to file his Application for writs with the appellate court is extended to the 21st day of July, 2022.

But the last minute entry in State of Louisiana versus Corey Orgeron, Docket Number 607823 was made on that very same day.

Accused not present.  Sentence imposed as of today.

So much for his appeal.  The sentence was included in the minutes from May 18:

Accused found guilty by Judge as to Battery, Simple.  Court sentenced accused to be committed to the Parish Prison.  Accused to serve 60 days.  Suspended.  Imposition of sentence deferred pursuant to Article 894 b(1) until 7/21/22.  If the Court finds at the conclusion of the period of deferral that the defendant has not been convicted of any other offense during the period of the deferred sentence, and that no criminal charged is pending against him, the Court may set the conviction aside and dismiss the prosecution if the defendant satisfies the following conditions to be supervised by the Ascension Parish Probation Officer.

  • Accused placed on Supervised probation through the Ascension Parish Probation Department 90 days.
  • Accused is to pay a fine of $100.
  • Accused is to pay Court Costs.
  • Special conditions are: Refrain from criminal conduct; Pay monthly supervision fee; Court ordered defendant to complete an anger management course at own expense; No contact with victim.

Court ordered defendant to report to probation officer by Friday, May 21, 2022.  Imposition of sentencing deferred to July 21, 2022.  Defendant given open court notice.

Even his sign is crooked

Well known for not showing up, it comes as no surprise that Orgeron was absent.  He has missed seven of the 17 meetings held by Ascension’s Parish Council this year, missing all seven meetings of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 so far in 2022.  With no regard for his already sullied professional reputation, Orgeron recently bailed on one of his only remaining clients.

His motion to withdraw from a criminal proceeding was granted by Judge Alvin Turner on August 9, six days prior to a scheduled Trial Status.  Orgeron, being Orgeron, refused to refund any of the $38,000 fee collected for the job not done according to his client’s spouse.