Orgeron cannot get a quorum for his Emergency Meeting

Reminiscent of his District 4 predecessor, Councilman Corey Orgeron called an Emergency Meeting of the Utilities Committee he chairs for Wednesday and failed to garner a quorum.  What was so urgent?  The proposed agenda included:

a. Discuss status of the recent boil advisory (Councilman Thomas)
b. Review proposed Utilities budget (Director Dawson)
c. Propose election to determine fate of ACUD#2 receiving subsidies from the parish general fund. (Councilman Orgeron)

Parish Utilities of Ascension (PUA) was forced to issue a “boil advisory” last week after a “pipe was hit by a road construction crew” according to a council colleague of Orgeron’s.  As is his wont, Orgeron took the opportunity to take a crack at Parish President Clint Cointment via social media (see above).  Unsurprisingly, Orgeron went off half-cocked, posting without gathering any facts, and seems to have deleted the posting (but not before that colleague took a screenshot).

The full text of Orgeron’s diatribe:

“Coach Thomas and I have been warning the current administration for months that the pipes in the ground are old and brittle and eventually the public’s health would be jeopardized.  Some pipe is as much as 100 years old.  In the 21st century no American should worry about safe drinking water for their children.

It’s time to trim the fat and spend money in the utilities department where it is needed.  Parish government is extremely top heavy with too many executives, an overabundance of engineering studies and not enough money spent serving the people.  WE need to act immediately to replace miles of decaying and corroded water lines.

It was a mistake for government to get into the “utilities” business, this is not the place for government (as can be shown by the millions from the general fund being used to subsidize utilities annually); however, since the parish is currently responsible for providing safe drinking water to the citizens living in our parish seat, it is our job to do so!  If that means putting a shovel in the hands of every elected official and bureaucrat in this parish then that’s what needs to be done.  I am calling for an emergency meeting of the Utilities Committee next week to cut through the BS.


Where to begin?

First off, the idea of Corey Orgeron with a shovel in his hands boggles the imagination.  A walking cane; maybe.  As to trimming the fat… a good place to start would be the chair of Utilities and we suspect Council Chairwoman Teri Casso regrets appointing Orgeron to that lofty position.

There is a reason no quorum could be achieved.  Three committeemen (Councilmen Joel Robert, Travis Turner and Aaron Lawler) don’t want to ride this sinking ship down to the bottom.  Or maybe they did him a solid, sparing Orgeron the embarrassment of eating crow.

That PUA is a money pit, and Ascension never should have purchased Peoples Water Company…

Peoples Water boondoggle coming home to roost

is news to no one.  If Orgeron’s house was ablaze he’d run around the neighborhood claiming to have discovered fire.

Taking every opportunity to attack Cointment’s administration (Orgeron was not alone until recently) is petty politics of the worst sort.  It seems a working relationship between Cointment and most of the Council, a fragile one, is being established.  Corey Orgeron is doing all he can to destroy it.