New River/Blind River monitoring by DEQ could turn them red temporarily

If you see Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) staff members along the highways, bayous, and rivers in Ascension Parish, please be aware that LDEQ is conducting water quality restoration activities in the New River and Blind River watersheds. Monitoring in New River and its tributaries began at 8 sites in July 2021. LDEQ plans to expand the monitoring to more than 20 sites in July 2022. Similarly, monitoring for the Blind River watershed began at 25 sites in February 2022. Monitoring in each watershed is expected to last about 18 months. LDEQ may need to place dye in the rivers to better understand the streams’ flow characteristics. This may temporarily turn the rivers red, but the dye does not harm people or animals. LDEQ also plans to conduct outreach activities within Ascension Parish.

For more information on the planned activities, please view LDEQ’s brief video at or contact LDEQ at If you would like to participate in the process and become a steward of New River or Blind River, reach out to LDEQ at