New Pelican Poll: Which current Parish Council member deserves to be voted out?

With a new Council District map having been approved, 11 seats will be up for grabs on Election Day: October 23, 2023.  Certain of the current membership having indicated they will not seek reelection, we anticipate that between five and eight current members will not be re-seated on Inauguration Day in the first week of January 2024.

Regardless of who’s opting out seeking another term; which current Council member do you most want to see unseated?

Visit our Home Page, right-side to take the latest Pelican Poll.  The choices:

  • District 1’s Alvin “Coach” Thomas
  • District 2’s Joel Robert
  • District 3’s Travis Turner
  • District 4’s Corey Orgeron
  • District 5’s Dempsey Lambert
  • District 6’s Chase Melancon
  • District 7’s Aaron Lawler
  • District 8’s Teri Casso
  • District 9’s Dal Waguespack
  • District 10’s John Cagnolatti
  • District 11’s Michael Mason

Since enactment of the Home Rule Charter, every quadrennial election has witnessed turnover on the council.  After the 2003 election eight of the 11 members were not inaugurated for another term.  That came after the 2000 Census mandated a newly-drawn Council District map.  The most recent election in 2019 also saw a majority of the membership (six seats in that case) unseated.

Seven Council elections have been held since enactment of Ascension’s Home Rule Charter, the first in 1995.  Every one of them resulted in significant turnover of seats.

  • 1999 saw four new members
  • 2003-eight new members
  • 2007-five new members
  • 2011-four new members
  • 2015-three new members
  • 2019-six new members