New completion date for Manchac Acres bridge at Muddy Creek requested: October 22

Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee will consider another change order to the Manchac Acres Road Bridge at Muddy Creek on Monday, this one adding 37 calendar days to to the project.  All due to rain days or those attributable to dewatering, the Project Engineer has recommended acceptance of the change order.  Assuming approval by the Council, the project’s new target for Substantial Completion will be October 22

River Road Construction’s Project Manager requested the “Time Extension” in a September 1 letter:

“Due to numerous interruptions of our activities caused by adverse weather, RRCI requests an extension of time be added to our contract.  Attached is a list of days showing weather impacts to the project since the end of May, 2022.  In addition to the delays already encountered, we are currently in the active hurricane season.  Although we hope for no impact from storms, we must consider the possibility of their occurrence in our request.  Taking this into consideration, along with delays already experienced, we respectfully request the contract time be extended by a total of 37 calendar days, making the completion date for the project October 22, 2022.

The new request comes on the heels of the Council’s approval of a 62 day delay.

Manchac Acres bridge over Muddy Creek new completion date: September 15

The contract to undertake the project was first awarded by the Council at a Special Meeting on November 23, 2021.  Refer to link above for explanation of timeline.