Minor changes bode well for District 3 Council incument

New District 3 map in yellow

11 Ascension Parish Council seats are scheduled to be contested on October 14, with some districts having seen major changes to accommodate wildly shifting demographic patterns reflected in the most recent decennial census.  Our analysis of those district-by-district shifts, with an assessment of potential changes to the electoral dynamic, focuses on District 3 today.  (See above for map going into effect for Election Day, adopted during a Special Meeting of the Council on December 29).

District 3 changed very little with a sliver of Precinct 71 carved out in the northwest corner of the Hwy 73/Cornerview Road intersection added.

Current District 3 in blue

…while swapping one of Gonzales’ smaller precincts for another.  We discern minimal to no impact to incumbent Travis Turner’s reelection chances, particularly since we have heard of no potential challenger against the three-term council member.

Turner first won the District 3 seat in 2011 when he dumptrucked (61%-39%) the incumbent, Adrian Thompson, himself a three-termer.  If he draws a challenger Travis Turner’s is a formidable candidate.