Melancon elected Chairman of EA Drainage chair, Lawler Vice-Chairman

EA Drainage Chairman Chase Melancon

Newly-elected East Ascension Drainage Board Chairman Chase Melancon conducted his first meeting via videoconference on Monday.  Melancon was elevated to the chair by acclimation, none of his seven colleagues participating offered a different nomination and there was no objection.  Having previously occupied the vice chairmanship, Melancon replaces Councilman Dempsey Lambert whose tenure in the job dated back to September 2, 2014.

Lambert was a no-show, along with Councilman Corey Orgeron who has avoided each EA Drainage meeting since an October 18, 2021 verbal attack upon one citizen speaker.

“This position means a lot to me and I’m excited about it.  There’s a lot of things that I want to see us get accomplished together,” Melancon said of his ascension to the chair, specifically citing HNTB engineers efforts toward Flood Plain Management. “(It is) a path altering move toward a data driven drainage commission with all the information we need to make proper decisions.”

Somehow, Councilman Aaron Lawler slithered his way into vice-chairmanship.  Lawler, disingenuous as always, thanked “everybody for putting a little faith in me.”

“I really look forward to working with Chase and the administration to improve drainage around the parish,” he offered, oblivious to his recent move against President Clint Cointment’s administration.

Commission strips Cointment of drainage duties, ignoring public outcry

As dishonest as any council member in Ascension 28-years of Home Rule, Lawler has moved against Melancon and/or Joel Robert as the governing authority prepares to redraw its district lines.  Employing the red-herring of gerrymandering, the Prairieville member has proposed reconfiguring Districts 6 (Melancon) and District 2 (Robert) in a manner that would place them in direct opposition.