Matassa supporter, Dempsey Pendarvis, takes credit for Ricky Compton firing

Photograph taken days after Matassa elected at corner of Hwy 44 and Loosemore Rd, property owned by one, Dempsey Pendarvis...the staunchest of Matassa supporters

Photograph taken days after Matassa elected at corner of Hwy 44 and Loosemore Rd, property owned by one, Dempsey Pendarvis…the staunchest of Matassa supporters

Development critics among east bank Ascension’s citizenry enjoy a reprieve on tonight’s Planning Commission agenda, the first since April of 2015 not to include a new subdivision preliminary plat for approval.  There have been 25 new subdivision plats on the last 12 agendas and the respite comes at an opportune moment since Ascension has been without a Planning Director since Ricky Compton’s unceremonious firing/rehiring/resignation in March. Which brings to us to the point; why was Compton canned?

Pelican Post has obtained a recording of Matassa supporter, Dempsey Pendarvis, who takes the credit.  To hear Dempsey Pendarvis tell it:

“I said but let me tell you (inaudible) Kenny, ‘you’ve made a commitment to me and to numerous other people that I brought to you, and brought you money; that you would run Ricky Compton off.

In life, if you just stick to your agreements you ain’t gonna have no problems.  Now, if you don’t stick to your agreements (inaudible) problems right off the bat.”

Hey Boy! How ‘ya like Pendarvis now?

“The only thing that would disappoint me was that I didn’t get to give him his walking papers.  I’d a like to brought them to him and said, ‘Hey boy! Remember me, now? How do ‘ya like me now?'”

Not even Dempsey Pendarvis can have it all.

Ricky Compton’s original sin; not knowing Dempsey Pendarvis

“And I told him, I said “Ricky,” I said ‘look at me, boy.’  I said ‘you might not know who I am and don’t care who I am.’  I said ‘You might better learn.'”

Good advice.  And Pelican Post is pleased to introduce Dempsey Pendarvis to those in Ascension who have not enjoyed the honor of his acquaintance.

Pelican Post likes you just fine.  If only our affection were reciprocated…

“For somebody to be so smart and do some dumb (expletive) is Petite, you know.  I understand he put it on his Pelican Ghost paper, I mean y’all call it Pelican Post but I call it Pelican Ghost because he’s a has been, awright.  He put it on there that I had Rickey Compton run off.  Goddam right I did!

We are gratified by Mr. Pendarvis’ readership and appreciate his confirmation of our humble reportage of these events.