Matassa still adding payroll, Lawler “in shock and disbelief”

It was revealed at the most recent Recreation Committee meeting (August 8) that two administration types were added to the department in recent weeks.  During Director BJ Romano’s report he presented the information captured above:

The Recreation Department would like to welcome and introduce two new members of our staff in Delacey Joseph, our new Westside Programs Coordinator, and Cortez Mitchell, our new Recreation Office Administrator.

Delacey is a Donaldsonville High School and Tulane Universtiry Graduate and a former professional basketball player.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our staff with ideas and plans to hit the ground running on maintaining, growing, and improving west side recreation.

Cortez is an Ascension Catholic and Jackson State University graduate.  He also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in all things recreation.  He will be a valuable asset to our department inside and outside of the office helping us grow and develop our department into the future.

None of the committee members present raised any objections, not that is, until Prairieville Councilman Aaron Lawler took to his keyboard posting…

moments after the committee adjourned.  Where’s that obligatory back-slapping, congratulatory pablum we’ve come to expect from Lawler?  Is he just now realizing, like a certain surprise candidate for parish president, that Kenny Matassa is nothing more than the conduit to dispense political patronage?