Manchac Acres Bridge Update

According to Ascension Parish:

There are three concrete pours needed to finish all concrete construction. This will complete the construction of the box culverts, headwalls, and wing walls, replacing the bridge that was in disrepair. Once this is done, the work area can be backfilled, and other drain pipe construction can be completed. The contractor will backfill the road with limestone and then open the road to traffic. We will let the traffic on the limestone road for about a month to allow any settlement. The Parish Pavement crew will grade the roadway and put asphalt concrete to restore the pavement.

These concrete pours require several consecutive days of dry weather, as they are at the very bottom of the creek. Unfortunately, the forecast for the next several days calls for heavy rain, which will directly impact the work area. The contractor cannot dam off the work area because Muddy Creek is a significant drainage canal. Each time it rains, even moderately, the contactor must allow drainage water to breach his work dam and flow through his work area. Once the water recedes, they rebuild the dam and clean and refurbish the work area.

While the amount of work needed to open the road is no longer very significant, it is VERY weather dependent. This project has been trying on the patience of all in the work area. We will continue coordinating with the contractor to make every attempt to continue the construction progress. The Parish appreciates your patience in this process.