LPB encourages vaccinations to help #SaveMardiGras2022

Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) announces the launch of a social media campaign to encourage vaccinations to help #SaveMardiGras2022. The social media awareness campaign, which has the serious objective to keep people healthy, is communicated through festive messaging and a call to action that capitalizes on something all Louisianans love to do – laissez les bons temps rouler! In an effort not to lose another Mardi Gras to COVID-19, and to promote getting vaccinated and boosted, especially among college students, LPB produced an original Mardi Gras inspired song and dance that captures the spirit of the season for the purpose of community engagement through TikTok and other social media.

LPB Executive Producer, Linda Midgett, “With the exceptionally high number of COVID cases being reported daily with this new variant, we at LPB wanted to find something that matters to all Louisianans, being able to have a good time with family and friends, whether that be at Mardi Gras, tailgating, a St. Patrick’s Day parade, or by hugging your grandparents. We can do all of these things more safely if we are vaccinated and boosted. We invite the college community, political and civic leaders, and all Louisianans to participate in this fun social media campaign as a way to encourage family and friends to get vaccinated.”

To participate in LPB’s #SaveMardiGras2022 campaign, 1) Go to lpb.org/savemardigras, 2) learn the #SaveMardiGras2022 dance by watching the tutorial, and 3) here’s the fun part – share your moves by tagging @lpb.pbs on TikTok with a duet or stitch – or, if not on TikTok, share your dance video on any social media platform you choose and tag @LPB123 on Facebook@lpb_org on Instagram, or @lpborg on Twitter – and 4) remember to hashtag #SaveMardiGras2022, #GetVaxxed, and #LPB.

The #SaveMardiGras2022 song was recorded at Sockit Studio in Baton Rouge under the direction of music producer, David Jones II, who enlisted the help of vocalist, Amelia Powell; musician, John Gray; and music arranger Devon Kirkpatrick. Choreographer, Leonard Augustus created the dance, and area dancers brought their talents to the mix performing the #SaveMardiGras2022 tutorial in Baton Rouge at the LPB television station.

#SaveMardiGras2022 is a vaccine encouragement initiative from LPB, in partnership with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Let’s #SaveMardiGras2022 by making it a safer Mardi Gras for everyone!