Louisiana Walk Like MADD event against impaired driving (10/29)

Impaired driving is a serious problem in Louisiana. MADD and traffic safety partners across the state are working together to put an end to this 100% preventable crime.

Here is some eye-opening data from DestinationZeroDeaths. Learn more at http://www.destinationzerodeaths.com/…/ActionP…/SHSP.pdf

Sunny House, Affiliate Executive Director-MADD Louisiana:

“MADD Louisiana strives daily to end substance impaired driving, prevent underaged drinking, and most importantly to serve the victims of this violent crime that is and always will be 100% preventable. We aim for a future of #NoMoreVictims and while we have come a long way, we will not stop until we reach our goal. There are so many preventative measures these days that can be taken to avoid so many heartbreaking outcomes due to driving impaired. I can promise you it’s not hard at all.”

“We hope you will join us for this special event as it brings so much awareness to our communities while we also honor our lost and injured loved ones due to substance impaired driving. This is not only a day of tribute and remembrance, it is also a day for every family or individual out there!”