Lawler now employed by firm responsible for collection of Orgeron’s $9,896 attorney fee obligation

Adorned in NY Yankee gear, yet another reason to loathe Corey Orgeron.

Claiming to have been diagnosed with “long-term COVID” two-and-a-half months ago, part-time Parish Councilman Corey Orgeron apologized to his colleagues “for not being able to stay for the rest of the meeting” on April 27.  It was a Special Meeting called to enact two batches of ordinances, totaling 21 separate pieces of legislation all tied to the current moratorium on subdivisions of property scheduled to lapse on May 31.  Orgeron should apologize to the taxpaying public of Ascension Parish to which he owes $9,896.10 in attorney’s fees and costs.

That obligation is pursuant to a judgment signed by Judge Tess Stromberg on September 23, 2021 with the amount determined in open court on February 16, 2022.  Seven months and counting since Judge Stromberg dismissed Orgeron’s frivolous claims against Parish President Clint Cointment…

Orgeron lawsuit dismissed (and he has to pay Cointment attorney’s fees)

whose attorney was paid out of Ascension Parish Government’s coffers, the onus falls to Cointment’s lawyer to collect payment from Orgeron.

The task rests with Diana Tonagel of Boyer, Hebert, Caruso & Angelle, LLC, which should inspire little to no confidence in ultimate satisfaction of the obligation.  But it does add a brand new twist to the proceeding given the firm’s recent hiring of another Prairieville lawyer/councilman.

District 7’s Aaron Lawler is now employed by the firm according to a recent social media post attributed to him.  The potential for conflict of interest is obvious.

Bungled from the start, Diana Tonagel’s inability or unwillingness to secure funds satisfying the debt owed Ascension’s taxpayers is unacceptable.  The necessary procedure is well settled.  Set the rule for Corey Orgeron’s Judgment Debtor Examination, then seize sufficient of his assets to satisfy the monetary debt.

The debt he owes Ascension citizens for having so disgraced them and his office is incalculable.  That bill comes due on October 14, 2023 when District 4’s electorate rids Ascension Parish of this embarrassment.